Sunday morning cartoons were something every little kid looked forward. It was well worth waking up at six in the morning, loading up on snacks, and just laughing away the morning. Even the silliest cartoons were awesome. Even now cartoons are something most of us look forward. No matter how old you are cartoons are here to make the kid in you laugh.

It might be considered “immature” to watch animated figures, but you know what, I am still having fun and I still refuse to grow up. So there. This will apply to a lot of people, but why should someone let go of their childhood? Is it socially awkward to watch something that makes you laugh? Are we not mature enough if we enjoy a little bit of fun now and then? Probably the old farts who run everything do not want people to have fun. If that is the case, grab the remote and change the channel to some good cartoons. Please, nothing of the new ones, the old ones are far better.

Shakespeare’s women

Shakespeare’s women

For centuries, The Bard’s plays have been beguiling us with shadings of emotion and countless twists of fate. The bravery of his heroes is inspiring, and the courage of his heroines is touching.
War: The shame

War: The shame

War never changes. It changes people though. No matter why people are fighting, it always ends the same way, innocents dying, poverty, depression, sadness and the list goes on. For what? Why do people even go to war? To serve and protect.


Democracy is the best! Because everyone is free to do what they are told to do by the people who were elected to tell us what to do. Every other form of government is evil and must be liberated. Freedom to all, but free will to none. Now, is it not funny how oppressing and free governments have fundamentally the same principles? The only difference is that with democracy you have ministers and politicians who are lying to everyone. Wait, hold on, to be a politician you should be someone who is influential and prestigious: someone who is loaded.

Are you satisfied with you government? Are you comfortable that you are being monitored all day every day? Are you happy with your mediocre life? Politicians say I am, so therefore I must be the happiest little bugger in the whole wide world! Not! Those sneaky word jugglers try to convince me that I am a happy worker and that if I have to go through hardships I just have to buckle up for the ride. No way, man. First of all you cannot tell me what to do, second of all, we the people put you officials in power.

Tag: Ask my(book)shelf

Fellow bloggers, writers, authors and all the creative little minds, my dear colleague has dared me to do something unthinkable! To reveal some more information about me, ludicrous right? But, alas, a lady’s request must be fulfilled, therefore I shall embark on this journey of shelf-discovery.

I will try to make my answers as honest as possible, key word here, try.

Also I would very much like to see  a fellow blogger answer these questions as well. Don’t forget to pay him a visit as well.

As for the rules, they are simple. Just look around at your bookshelf, and let your books describe you.

Gentle man

A gentleman opens a door for a lady, he pulls the chair out, he brings flowers, he is sweet, charming and never goes overboard, he never thinks of himself first. Always behaves and dresses for the occasion and is never late. However, a gentleman does not exist anymore. The sad truth is that gentlemen are hard to find. Even as part of the male populace I have to admit that this unfortunate fact is more than a real thing.

Now, wait, let us not jump to conclusions. There are normal people in the world, although, I assure you they are not underpants-round-my-ankles-Imma-punch-your-lights-out yahoos. Being a gentleman, no, being a normal person is not that hard. I guess that times have changed and we should act as primitive slobs to be a somebody. No! I refuse. There are people out there who still know what etiquette is and how to use it. Although, there are people that treat others as dirt and still get away with it.

Black swan

Black swan

Ballet-Photography-YoungGeun-Kim01Movements of elegance and grace…
a single mistake is a big disgrace.

Push the limits of the perfection.
Stand ‘tween the real and imagination.

So, now…

Shadows dance. Change now what I see.
Movements are blurred by the Moon, an aria to lunacy.
Come, charm and bewitch. Come and dance faithfully.
Bring, in a moment, the tranquil storm above the sea, in me.

And then leave me…
Alone and forget me…