Sunday morning cartoons were something every little kid looked forward. It was well worth waking up at six in the morning, loading up on snacks, and just laughing away the morning. Even the silliest cartoons were awesome. Even now cartoons are something most of us look forward. No matter how old you are cartoons are here to make the kid in you laugh.

It might be considered “immature” to watch animated figures, but you know what, I am still having fun and I still refuse to grow up. So there. This will apply to a lot of people, but why should someone let go of their childhood? Is it socially awkward to watch something that makes you laugh? Are we not mature enough if we enjoy a little bit of fun now and then? Probably the old farts who run everything do not want people to have fun. If that is the case, grab the remote and change the channel to some good cartoons. Please, nothing of the new ones, the old ones are far better.

Whoever states that cartoons are stupid is probably so square that they would not know funny even if it hit them in the face, with a mallet. Stop being so stuck-up! Man, relax, no need to be so tight all the time. As we grow up, we keep forgetting the kid inside of us all, they still want to have some fun, and being a grownup is not fun at all.

Cartoons are educational too! I, for one, have learned a lot from cartoons, and I was also disappointed that many of the creatures do not actually exist, but alas, that is real life. Nevertheless, you can actually learn something, and most of the times cartoons have a deeper and more meaningful value. Try re-watching some of the old stuff and you will see how much you actually missed.

Not allowing children to watch cartoons is like telling them not to go outside to play in the mud. Of course they will do it! A fair warning though, nowadays, you only have to be careful what kind of cartoons they watch. The new ones are weird, to say the least.

Another thing that kids learn from cartoons is that things in there are nothing similar to the things in real life. They will understand the difference between why cartoon characters do not get hurt and that all of that is just imagination.

Cartoons are not just mindless entertainment for the mass, except for the low-quality ones. But, they are a guide, they will help you grow up, they will help shape your mind and keep the kid in you at bay.

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