We are a generation of people who indulge in large quantities of artificial mind-numbing substances, so that we can temporarily feel joy. But, soon we will crave more and more as it will lead us to a spiraling fall to oblivion. The most terrifying fact about getting high on illusionary happiness is that we slowly neglect what truly makes us happy; all our friends will drift away as we are on a journey making new pseudo friends in a half delirious state of mind. Our vision of freedom is getting narrower as we are lead to believe that what we are experiencing is the best thing in the world, but it is wrong. All it takes is a good look around ourselves to see that we do not indeed need any substance to make us happy, life and its little miracles should be more than enough.

Think about it, when was the last time you stopped and enjoyed life as it is: the sounds, the smells, and the motion it is in? Disconnecting from the virtual world we have created an illusion to live cozily in, by replacing reality and altering everyone’s views so that all we can see is the utter destruction left behind.  Nature is stronger than us; life is bigger than any religious belief or any tyrannous dictator ever. Do not believe the authorities if they claim that something is wrong only because it makes you happy, they want you to think that you should drown yourself in artificial life sweeteners. The more you have, the less happy you are and you only crave for the simplest of things in the end; and yet all it takes is to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Getting out of the enchanted circle of enforced debauchery is hard, and unless you are ready to be labeled differently, to be called weird and get shunned by society you will never make the first step. But you have to! Once you see beyond the mountain, once you see through the veil of lies you will realize what mass media and corruption have achieved. Ask yourself: when was the last time you enjoyed something, not because you are expected to enjoy it, but because you wanted it? Now go out, play in the mud and have fun and do not worry about confused passersby judging you, they only want what you have; instead invite them to have fun with you.

Focus on broadening your imagination instead of forcefully choking it out with forbidden, but secretly allowed, happiness inducers. Once you taste what your environment has to offer, and how much it has to offer you will soon remember the carefree days you had as a child. Go out there, explore and mostly have fun. Do not think, have fun!

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