Democracy is the best! Because everyone is free to do what they are told to do by the people who were elected to tell us what to do. Every other form of government is evil and must be liberated. Freedom to all, but free will to none. Now, is it not funny how oppressing and free governments have fundamentally the same principles? The only difference is that with democracy you have ministers and politicians who are lying to everyone. Wait, hold on, to be a politician you should be someone who is influential and prestigious: someone who is loaded.

Are you satisfied with you government? Are you comfortable that you are being monitored all day every day? Are you happy with your mediocre life? Politicians say I am, so therefore I must be the happiest little bugger in the whole wide world! Not! Those sneaky word jugglers try to convince me that I am a happy worker and that if I have to go through hardships I just have to buckle up for the ride. No way, man. First of all you cannot tell me what to do, second of all, we the people put you officials in power.funny-political-party-choice

People seem to forget the fact that politicians are not those whom we should fear, no, they should fear us. If we managed to put them there in the first place, darn straight we can remove them. Everyone has forgotten this, the government should fear the common citizen. Back in ye old days, if we were unhappy with the king, well long live the successor. Now, we believe every little lie they feed us. Many of you will ask though: do we have a choice? Yes! You do have a choice. Even if you stand alone against a million, you still have a choice and it matters.

A politickian is a scared little blood-sucker. If we encourage them to play law and order they will get carried away, they will also convince us that we are nothing. We have seen through your veil of petty lies and disguises. Yet, the masquerade still goes on. People are still afraid to take action, to make the first step. Understandable, nobody wants to lose nothing, but, ultimately in the end do we have anything to lose? I for one find and use every possible loophole in every possible situation.

There might be good politicians you say, really? Are there really people who acted solemnly because they wanted to spread cheer and lollipops to everyone or did they have to trample over a few people to get where they are now? This is not the Pope we are talking about.

Nothing lasts forever, not even governments. The sooner we realize that we are the ones with power, the sooner will positive changes come. The only laws that are more powerful than us are the laws of physics and the Universe itself.

By Dejan Vicai

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