War never changes. It changes people though. No matter why people are fighting, it always ends the same way, innocents dying, poverty, depression, sadness and the list goes on. For what? Why do people even go to war? To serve and protect. Sure, it is nice to be patriotic, but I just do not really see it happening that an underdeveloped country would attack if the only things they can use are makeshift rocks. We must crush them because they are using “our” precious resources. Holy moly! People actually go to war because they believe all that!

In god’s name, you must be purified. Um, I really do not think that the big cheese mentioned anything about waging wars in his name. Wait, let me check, ah yes, here it is: Deky – 12:28 “Thou shalt spill thine brethren’s blood in His name, and thou shalt receive eternal glory.” My bad, it is completely legal to kill because a book said so. Why would any deity deem another race inferior and desire a purge, especially when that same deity allegedly created everyone equally. Double standards much. I believe that would be called zealous-fanaticism, or in layman’s terms, an idiot.

Spread democracy, because that country over there is not free enough! We better level everything, kill millions and justify it by saying that we came to spread “freedom”. Unbelievable that is still a valid reason to join the army. Instead of focusing on what is really important, no, we just squander precious resources on technology that can annihilate the most life. And then whoever comes up with the most cutting-edge death tool, they call dibs. We could be zooming through space right now, only if we did not spend half a century trying to come up with new ways to paint the walls red.

Even war is considered to be a game to people who sit in their comfy chairs, dictating the rules and actually deciding what is fair in war. The sheer stupidity of it all is just unfathomable. I do think that people who are on the battlefield could not care less about being a gentleman, every man for himself.

d84f1d1429f0291109caf9de39e2b6da (1)You could evade all of that by not joining the army or deserting, but the latter would brand you forever as an unpatriotic coward. Even though you were driven by basic instincts, trying to stay alive. The only logical reason to even consider killing someone is if your family is in danger. The safety of your family cannot even come close to trivial and pathetic political reasons. Nobody gives two rats about what a radical said, and if someone believes what that person, sorry I meant to write idiot, is selling, then let natural selection run its course.

Basking in the glory of war is not different in taking a bath in your enemy’s blood. There is no glory or pride in extinguishing one’s life, the only thing that will be stuck with you for life will be the realization of your actions, sadness and haunting nightmares. War never brought prosperity or development, nor did it ever settle anything. If people in power feel like they should be attacking each other, fine, let them have a good old fashioned fist-fight, last man standing wins. Easy as pie. Nobody gets killed, no bloodshed and the morons can keep brooding over their idiotic actions.

By Dejan Vicai

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