We are all slaves to false advertisement and what to do and how to do it. But one particular thing that influences almost everyone, and I do mean everyone, is how you look. Not your face that you put on every day nor the clothes, but your physical appearance, your body. On one hand you can hear that they tell you, ‘feel good no matter what you do’, on the other ‘if you are above average weight or don’t have muscles you won’t fit in’. How putrid is that? If I don’t fit into the social norms I’m nothing? That is just a clever lie they tell you. So you can do what you are told to do. So as to not think outside of the box. Color inside the lines, never outside.

You have to watch what you eat, they say, generally this goes without saying. I mean, duh, you aren’t going to gorge on three families worth of burgers and then later not do anything to work it off. You have to find balance. Don’t count calories, don’t eat “healthy” food. On second thought, avoid so called healthy food, chances are that it is more dangerous to your health than what you regularly eat. Do not be a calorie freak!

Appreciate your body, treat is a temple, or as a playground. That is up to you. But don’t be pushed over the line because someone tells you “you’re fat”. Fat is a relative term. And just because I wear XXL clothes doesn’t mean I am fat, I am just husky. But! Fact of the matter is, there is a difference between levels of fat. Although, we can all agree on what the term obese reflects. Now that is truly something that needs to be dealt with. Seeing people roll around on those scooter whatchamacallits is just atrocious. Seriously, nobody is that incapable to do some exercises. And saying that you have a “reason”, just no. Unless you have some kind of serial muscle paralysis, no way. The only reason I can hear is ‘I’m lazy’. I know because that is my reason.

Unless you feel uncomfortable in your own skin there is no real reason to yield to social angst. If you are happy the way you are then just let the rest of the world bugger off. Unless you are an athlete, then you have to be fit. Just because some people said that girls should have an hourglass figure doesn’t mean you should go for that. Those people don’t know me, they can’t judge me, they can’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t like.

In order to be a better you, you need to start from yourself. Don’t let other’s influence get to you too much.


By Dejan Vicai

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