Oh, I hear a clarion call,


calling, whispering to us all.

The ship is there, in haven,

not gray, but white, be brave(n).

You are not alone, not ever,

it is just a journey, but a bit safer.

Do not rain, do not disturb the clouds,

it is not so bad, when you are in mounds.

I can see, I can hear… you…

it is just a new place to go to…

The sea is calm, the sun is high,

no, do not think I’ll say goodbye.

For life is eternal, like love, like light,

death is something which passes, like night.

My ship is sailing to another distant shore,

we will be in each other’s heart forevermore.

The shore is something which can’t be seen with eyes,

but which can be felt, a peace, love, a true paradise.

It shines like a crystal dome…

somewhere where we all go… our true home…

              Dedicated to Jovana Jović and her grandfather Đorđe (George)

By Душан Ковљен

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