Being a lady is not easy, but at the same time it is not hard either. You just have to follow a few simple etiquette rules, no big deal there. Well, it seems like the instructions are not clear enough. Or girls forgot how to read. Seems that today, to be a classy lady you must know how to twerk, to hashtag your food and to treat men like garbage. Oh yeah, do not forget about looking down on people, that is very important to be a respectful member of society. And for the lovely “ladies” reading this right now, sarcasm intended.

Since when do we like girls that behave like Neanderthals? Of course you do not have to behave like a peach every time, but seriously, where is the line drawn? If I wanted to hang out with someone who is obnoxious, I could have just called me guy friends. Ladies should be sophisticated and intricate, not loud, obnoxious ten-year olds.

Now, it is not the point to be a stuck-up snob, no. You have to know how to act and where. What you do in your free time is your own thing, especially when in your own room. But, as long as you are in public, etiquette is key. Rules were meant to be broken, but everything has limits. Would you rather be remembered as the girl who got drunk that she passed out in the middle of the street, or as someone who people can trust and look up to? If you choose the former, please use protection.

Girls complain that men are treating them as rubbish, honestly what do you expect when you tell us to be like that. You disagree? Well my dear, your common sense might be broken then. Before your rage-mode turns on, think about this: guys do not want to hang with girls that behave like guys; except for guys who like guys, which is perfectly fine too! However, guys want to hang with girls who behave like ladies. It is attractive to see a well-dressed, well-behaved, intelligent woman who knows how to have fun. Ladies, I am afraid your kind is on the brink of extinction, along with gentlemen.

Social norms have warped our minds so much that we have forgotten about proper etiquette and what it means to be a good human being. Showing respect and kindness is something that can almost only be found in fiction nowadays. No surprise there actually, media has us believe that girls should behave like little sadistic psychopaths with a perfect figure, while all guys should be buffed-up meatheads that have extremely well-paid jobs. We have even forgotten to use basic interactions like ‘hello’ without any attachments.images

Ladies have class and girls have sass.

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