Swiggity swooty, look at that booty! That right there is as classy as it can get people. That is the epitome of twenty-first century courteousness and chivalry. This is what the ladies want, none of that flowers before a date, or dressing appropriately, nope. Good old fashion low-hanging pants will show the tender gender how accomplished and successful you are. Congratulations swaggers, you guys managed to hit a new rock bottom.

It appears that we should include classes about class in our schools because things are getting pretty much out of hand. Just because you wear all the latest trends in fashion does not make you someone. It is not about what you wear, but where and how you wear your clothes. There is a huge difference if you show up in a track suit to a theatre; imagine someone showing up in a pink tutu to interview you for a job. Same difference. Clothes do not make someone, but they can sure as hell tell a lot about a person.

Proper etiquette is also imperative for someone who wants to be considered having class. This does not mean that you have to run ahead of everyone to open doors for them; it would be nice to at least offer to open the door for your lady. However, you only have to be well mannered to show everyone that you are indeed a worthy member of society. Now, this is quite easy to do, simple pleasantries, saying hello, offering to help. Taking a phone call in the middle of a crowded movie theatre does not count as having good manners.


Reading is good, everyone should do it, but do not think that because you read one book which has more pages than your average comic book, means that now you are endowed with magnitudes of class. Quoting the Internet does not qualify you to be an expert on anything.

Having class is not something you are born with, no; you have to figure that out on your own. That is why we have etiquette rules, and common sense, a trait which is rarely seen in people nowadays. Looking down on others will not make you look better nor will it make you be the bigger man; it will only boost your own ego. Although it is undisputable that the more swag you have the more people think that you have class.

So remember kids, it is not the clothes but how you wear it, it is not what you say but how you say it, and it is definitely not how much money you have but how you use it. Class is not something you buy, but something you shape and develop over time.

By Dejan Vicai

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