“Before you leave, sheriff, tell us, what does the Incendium Order want?” the sheriff looked at Scarlett, and without even blinking said: “That is none of your concern. The only thing you need to know and do is what you are told to.” With that, he stood up from the table, turned to the innkeeper, nodded and headed for the exit. “One more thing sheriff, how limited are we when it comes to battle?” Dylan just smirked loudly. The sheriff stopped and without even looking back said: “Try to keep casualties and collateral damage to a minimum. That is all.” He reached for the door handle, opened the door and left, leaving it open. “That scurvy little rat!” The innkeeper yelled out while standing up to go and close the door. Half way out, a person came into the inn. Looked at the siblings sitting at the table, then he turned toward the innkeeper. “Do you have a room free?” The innkeeper nodded, and wobbled back to the counter to get on with his daily work. Scarlett faced her brother and with a swift head movement showed him to move upstairs to their room. He stood up and followed his sisters’ orders, reluctantly.

Dylan kept nagging his sister,  while she was in the middle of packing some things into her small bag, furiously throwing a cloak at Dylan. He caught it, but was not sure what to do. “Are we going anywhere sister?” Scarlett finally finished packing and put on the cloak. It covered half of her face and her whole body. “Yes, dear brother. We are indeed going somewhere, to the market to be precise and to find a temple.” Dylan understood why, so he just stood up and put on the cloak. He too was covered up by the cloak, the only thing visible and standing out was his sword on his back. The hilt was protruding from underneath the cloak, but he was not worried by it the least bit. When they made sure to pack and bring everything they needed, the siblings headed downstairs. It seemed that the inn was rather busy, in only a matter of minutes they were gone. ‘The sheriff must have done something’ Scarlett thought. The siblings stood at the base of the stairs, witnessing a full inn. And in the middle of the big hall, someone was playing the flute, a sweet and nostalgic feeling overwhelmed Scarlett and Dylan. The only thing odd they did notice about the person playing the music was that he was wearing the ‘Free Bard Association’ emblem. He did not belong to any guild, which was good; but he could sell information to the highest bidder, which was bad. The siblings stood at the base of the stairs for a couple of minutes, captivated, and finally managed to break free of the bard’s music. The atmosphere was similar to that of a feast. It was weird for Scarlett to find so many people here after the town wanted to lynch her brother and herself.

“Sir, could you tell us, where is the nearest temple of Pelor, if any in town? And perhaps where we could stock up on supplies?” the innkeeper continued cleaning the mugs for serving drinks, as more and more people were ordering ale or wine. “You should try the centre. But we have no temples here.” With that said, the innkeeper, wobbled off to tend the nearby tables. “Dear brother, it seems we will have a little sightseeing. Would you care to join me?” Dylan just nodded dully. The siblings asked the innkeeper how to get to the town centre, on his way back to the counter he said abruptly to go north. Dylan took lead this time, opened the door for his sister and they went outside to look for a place to worship Pelor.

It was a bright and sunny day, with a light breeze. Even though Scarlett was afraid that people might attack them, it seemed that the town mob has quieted down. ‘The sheriff must have done something, I am certain now’ The thought of the sheriff interfering could not leave her, nor the thought of the Incendium Order hiring them. The town was a quiet little settlement; people were busy with their daily duties, though Scarlett did notice glances filled with anger and hate aimed at her. She pulled the cloak over her head to cover it up as much as possible.

After a few minutes of walking they passed the Sheriff’s office, at the moment he was standing by his window watching them. Even though they were allowed to do as they will freely, the siblings were still kept at a short leash. Scarlett and Dylan were very aware of their situation. Further down the dusty street they could hear the loud noises of the market. As they approached the market the siblings noticed that for a small town, it had quite a busy market, humans, gnomes, and even elves were present. “Scarlett, I will look around the market and get everything we need. How much time will you need?” Scarlett looked at the Sun and after a moment of thinking she said:” About an hour. I will meet you back here. Try not to cause any trouble brother dearest.” Dylan said nothing but headed on to the nearest stall to check out the wares, Scarlett pulled him back, he looked at her angrily. “Promise me you will behave.” Scarlett asked with a sweet innocent voice. Dylan hesitated for a moment but with after a deep sigh he finally muttered the words:” As you wish, sister.” Then he went on to see what the market could offer.

Scarlett had this unshakable feeling that someone was watching them. It would be too perfect for them to just go around town freely after what happened earlier. However, she was not afraid of the townsfolk, they might be still angry but they obey the law; and most of all they fear the sheriff. ‘Someone is following me. Alas, I cannot engage in any violent encounters.’ Nevertheless, she ventured on to try and find a shrine of Pelor, it has been a while since she said her prayers. She had to ask around a bit, but she found out fast where to find the nearest shrine. ‘Maybe I could lure them somewhere secluded and deal with them quickly.’ Scarlett was not hesitant in making a strategy if push comes to shove; she could not afford to let her guard down, especially when Dylan left her side. ‘I just hope Dylan is as diligent as well.’

Meanwhile Dylan was checking out trinkets that could be useful in his later journeys. He was aware that he was being watched, but he did not care. The urge to fight and to let blood flow freely was slowly, but undeniably rising in him. ‘I cannot do anything here, maybe if I lure them somewhere secluded.’

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