Classical story, we have a good guy, a bad guy and a bunch of irrelevant characters who just fill in the lonely time either the hero or the villain appears. And it always ends the same way, the hero defeats the villain and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, ok, where is our happily ever after? Just look at facts, we have defeated many so called villains and nothing good came out of it. Sure, no more pain and suffering, nor killing the innocent or freakish bizarre human experiments. But, and I have to stress this, BUT, what if the villain wins once?

Now, just think about it. Every villain ever, had a plan, a grand master plan to conquer and rule the world, and why do we think that they would enslave people just for the fun of it? Maybe at the beginning, but our villain needs to think about all aspects of ruling the world. Even the most ruthless ones must have an aftermath plan. But did they ever get a chance, no. There was always a perfect counterpart that could stop them, with the power of friendship or magic. We always have one, and only one person who can save the world. And usually that someone is a person who has never seen combat or has never even went outside without getting a light sunburn. So why is someone without any tactical upbringing capable of defeating a villain who schemed for years and planned everything to the last detail. I call shenanigans.

Epiphany time! What if, the heroes are actually villains? What if the villain is actually a hero being stopped by someone who wants to gain power? Remember, history is written by the victors. Of course we cannot disregard the fact that there are truly demented psychopathic people in this world, they are not even fit to be called a villain, they are just heartless monsters.

I for one, would like to see the hero fail once, to see what the other side will do. Maybe happily ever after comes when the “dark” side wins, or maybe we are living in the biggest delusion of all times!

Whether you see someone as a villain or hero is usually a question of morale. But remember, just because you say something is right does not mean everyone agrees with that. We, as a society, have standards, and if someone steps out of the standards’ safe zone, we label them as bad and vicious people. Sure, sometimes this is right and sometimes we just depict someone as a villain because they have a good idea that could change everything. Change is good, but apparently not to everyone.

But, who are the real villains here? Is it the 1% controlling the 99% or do we see someone as a villain when they go against that 1% for the good of the 99%. Yes, sacrifice have to be made and sometimes collateral damage is inevitable. However, who pays for the damages when the hero breaks everything or when they kill innocent people doing their paid jobs. Are not the heroes the bad guys then? Double standards much.

people-really-want-thor-villain-loki-to-get-his-own-movieVillains have feelings just as you and I. Give them a chance, do not be so against change. Nothing good happens without stepping out of the comfort zone.

By Dejan Vicai

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