Wherever you turn, wherever you look, whatever you listen to, hell even your toilet paper contains sexually explicit material. And then people wonder why everyone is going round looking for magazine and movies containing nudity. We live in a society that has a love-hate relationship with sex, we are sheltered from its evil influence and told that sexual activities before marriage can shatter the very core of the solar system! Such heinous acts are condemned and we shall burn in hell forever even if we just think about kissing someone, let alone kissing someone of the same gender.

For a teenager, who is raging with hormones, growing up in such an environment is harder than looking at the Sun for more than 4 seconds. Especially if you as a parent forbid them everything that is remotely fun. Well what do you expect your young teen is going to do in the dark of their room? Write poetry about how their life is bad? Plot to take over the world? No, the last one might be intriguing, but no, chances are they will be browsing for ways to find relief. Just trust me on this one, don’t barge into their rooms, and remember to ALWAYS knock before entering.


The more you shelter someone from sex, the more that someone will want it. The best way to educate a person about a healthy sex life is to sit down and talk with them, don’t let the street teach them, because that will only bring about broken expectations and unsatisfying endeavors. Don’t let sex-ed be labeled as something that is ungrateful and a taboo. Of course it is extremely weird to talk about it, but you have an obligation to do it, and the sooner you explain the sooner you can be prepared for certain dangers.

The more we try to deny our exposure to explicit material the more we are surrounded by it, it seems that society is tabooing something that should be natural and not something that people are ashamed of. People seem to forget the simple logic of a small child, the more something is forbidden the more you will want it. Because we are being told not to be explicit with anything of course we will look for that, and of course we will always try to attain that forbidden fruit.

Once again, we humans, have managed to bastardise something that should be private, sensual, enjoyable and a final stage of expression. Now it is just an object of lust, misery and misanthropy. Capitalism has managed to make a profit off of something so remarkably unique and pure, in a way.

Let’s face it, sex sells.

By Dejan Vicai

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