Everyone likes masks, right? If Halloween is coming up everyone is working hard on their masks, big masks, scary ones and a plethora of different ones. The same applies to makeup as well. You have pretty makeup though, but usually people go so overboard you wonder whether they just fired a shotgun full of makeup at their face. Makes you wonder do they have something to hide, or they just want to be like the others.

Girls started using makeup to make their faces prettier, not to recreate the stuff nightmares are made of. Given, makeup is also used to make scary stuff as well, but that’s mainly for movies and shooting scary photos. I seriously doubt that half of the girls are going to audition for an upcoming horror movie. By the way, mirrors were invented for a reason, besides the obvious duckface  selfie game.

There is a thin line between going for the sweet sexy look and going for the new troll under the bridge. See what I did there, fine line, anyone? No? Anyway, makeup does not, in fact, make you pretty. It can only enhance, in some cases even diminish your natural looks. And, yes, makeup can make you beautiful, that is not the point. The painfully obvious point here is that makeup has been taken to the next level, not to the right level unfortunately.

If you do not apply a generous amount of let-me-hide-my-face then you will not be able to go outside, right? WRONG! I believe I can speak for the majority of men, girls without makeup are still pretty! Now, I cannot deny the fact that with makeup you can pull off amazing looks, but that is the point of using makeup. To create something extraordinary. Sorry, not extraordinarily hideous, but something people will look at and say: “Mmm, that looks awesome”.


Makeup is not called make-up for no reason, you have to make up something. Ok, no more bad puns. But with all seriousness, it was intended for that, to create something that is not there, use your imagination, observe nature and come up with something unusual. And for the love of all that is remotely sane, why do girls insist on having a neck separator?

What is a neck separator you ask, well let me tell you. Picture this, a pretty girl with a pretty face, and as you talk with her, you notice something eerily odd. Her cheeks have the most beautiful bronze color you have ever seen, her face contours are like a gorgeously chiseled piece of marble with a golden and bronze finish. And then you see her neck, pale as the whitest cheese you have ever seen. Holy bananas! If you are going to apply makeup at least try not to give yourself a quick-tan only on your face. It is like looking at Two-face, horizontally.

Girls, don’t try to impress someone with your makeup, it comes off faster than the shame you feel afterwards.

By Dejan Vicai

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