We are told not to be sinful and not to lust for things that we do not have, especially not to lust after women, although, I am fairly sure that this does not apply to the other gender. Nevertheless, we are to be humble and to crave after riches or simple pleasures; because it is a felonious act if we want to have a little bit of fun. Yes, thing can get out of hand quite quickly, but everything in life has limits and so should our choices as well. Many tend to mix up lusting with fantasizing about certain things in life, granted, visiting pornographic websites will only make you lust more after women, or men, or whatever.

Wherever we turn in our daily life, we are surrounded by images which make us lust, not just after beautiful young women, or men, but even after gadgets and food or drinks we do not really need, nor can we afford it. The problem of condemning lustiness is deeply rooted in society, we all do it secretly, but we also judge everyone who does it. Hypocrisy at its finest. There is a fine line between being mindfully lustful and crossing that line to become crazy-eyes obsessed. We all have lustful urges, but that is what they are, urges, primal urges that are human; the only difference is how one can deal with them, and if you can keep your needs and impulses under control there is no reason to be judged for it.

Nowadays, the biggest issue seems to be premarital sex and a little bit of one-on-one with yourself. But has anyone wondered why there are so many teens ticking to burn out? We are surrounded by explicit content which only makes us want it more; however, we are told that we are not supposed to be surrounded by it because it is bad. Well, what in the hell kind of logic is that?! And yet we still wonder why there are so many pitiful acts of immorality all around us, just take a look at your nearest shopping center, what do the models look like?

It is only natural to yearn for something that is right in front of us if someone keeps dangling what we could have in front of our eyes; but it is not natural to be told not to do something while everyone else is able to do it. If we want to be good citizens and if we want our newer generations to be better behaved, then we have to show them. We need to reshape society in a way that will allow creativity and will not objectify or overly sexualize anything or anyone.

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