On a perfect sunny day only one thing could ruin our good mood, and there is always one who is ready to step up and be the last straw to make you foam at the mouth. Frustrating people for no good reason is a gift, not many have it thankfully, but it is not a gift without repercussions. There is nothing worse than having someone come up and get your blood boiling just for the kicks. However, frustration can come even without provocation, some people just ooze frustration and their very being makes you want to punch them in the face with your foot.

There is a special breed of frustrating people who believe that what they do and know is absolute. And unfortunately, the population of frustranians, patent pending, is growing, at an alarming rate. Their minds are cocooned in a finely crafted and purposely maintained alternate reality which only they alone can decipher, for the rest of the mortals, it seems like the final form of narcissism. Whatever their reason for being complete butts, we are the ones who pay the ultimate price.

The worst part about the frustranians is perhaps that even if you tell them that they annoy you, politely or not, they will take it as a personal insult as if you declared war on their whole family. They also believe that their sole purpose in life is to enlighten us heathens, but we all know that their enlightenment is full of darkness, hatred and most of all with ignorance. You could not pull them back from their self-righteous path of glorified preaching even if you wanted to; frustranians would be completely unable to function amongst mere mortals.

Frustrating others is what gives them power, and joy of course. But nobody expects a fight back, and this is where the secret lies in giving them a taste of their own medicine. If they are trying to frustrate you to near border insanity, well you should kick it up a notch and lead them over the line. It is surprising how badly they can handle their own work, they simply crumble and their empty shells echo with blatant ignorance. It is unacceptable and conflicting that they, the ones who perpetuate a fine line of frustration can be attacked so openly and vigorously.

The best we can do to avoid them is to stay out of their line of sight, either by masking ourselves to be just like them, or by confronting them and letting the frustranians become so mad that they will not see nor speak with us anymore. Mission accomplished.

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