Scarlett approached Ziel: “Wow Ziel! That was amazing. See, if you focus hard enough, you can harness the energy around you. Good job.” Ziel hugged Scarlett with all her might; she was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. For the time being, they took the innkeepers corpse and placed it on the counter. “We should first clean up before we can give him a proper burial.” said Jacques and bowed his head in respect. Dylan only added a silent “Hear hear.” Meanwhile, Jacques went along to help gather the survivors and help them to the infirmary. Dylan and Odorf tended to the wounds of the robed figure and tied him up to a chair, making sure that there would be absolutely no way that he could break free. “I’ll set up a countermeasure precaution for just in case.” said Odorf and went about to fiddle with some ropes and a crossbow. Dylan did not want to know, and frankly, he wanted to gut this figure himself for the damage he has done; but interrogation comes first. After he double checked once more that their captive is going nowhere, Dylan helped the other as well. Scarlett and Ziel helped as well, as much as Scarlett could, she gave basic first aid to the people who were mildly injured. After the remaining survivors have left, Scarlett told Ziel to go help the others while she will stay here and keep an eye on their captive.

Outside the inn, the sheriff had already set up a restriction line for the people to stay out of the way. He has already talked with Jacques and took necessary actions to help the remaining survivors. As soon as Ziel exited the inn, she got called over by the sheriff. “My child, I must tell you something in privacy.” the sheriff was saying while he took the girl over to a secluded place. “You must know that no one will blame you for what happened here. I know it must be hard accepting your fate as it is, but rest assured, these people will take good care of you and I promise you will be safe.” Ziel was conflicted, at home she would have been scolded already, but she has been shown compassion. “I… I don’t know…” The sheriff just shook his head: “What I’m trying to say is: don’t feel guilty.” Ziel looked at the big muscular man for a moment, smiled and nodded. “That’s a good girl. Now let’s go help the others.” And with that Ziel was on her way to the infirmary, and the sheriff got back to his position to keep people away and to answer any ridiculous questions they might have.

Back at the inn, when Scarlett made sure that everyone who was able left, and that Odorf finished up with his work, she sat down at one table, searched her bag for parchment and some kind of writing tool. “Let us get ready Odorf. When he awakens we will need to get all the answers we can before he does something unspeakable.” Scarlett said while looking for something else in her bag. “Here it is. Now, I want you to listen to me very carefully. This vial contains a very strong truth serum. But it will only work for a good five minutes or so. I want you to keep watch and make sure that no one interrupts me, can you do that?” Scarlett looked deep into Odorf’s eyes; her gaze was stern and borderline mad. Odorf knew that even if he wanted to make a counter offer it would not well for him. “Can I have a go at him after you’re done?” Scarlett grinned and nodded with a hint of sadistic satisfaction in the corner of her eyes. Odrof stood next the door, keeping guard. ‘I might have made a friend today’ Odorf was thinking and grinning maliciously.


By Dejan Vicai

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