Remember when creatures of the night were frightening? Remember when monsters had one sole purpose, to kill everything non-monster in sight, without any second doubts or any feelings attached? When zombies were ruthless flesh-tearing killers, when werewolves were actually bloodthirsty coldhearted predators and when vampires DID NOT sparkle in the Sun. Seriously, sparkling vampires, I guess they got hung up on the disco era or something. If only Lord Dracula knew what would happen to monster society he probably would have done something about it. And if only Cain knew what abomination the vampires would become, I bet he would have made sure that people would fear vampires and other creatures more.

Right now they are making all kinds of love stories between humans and monsters, what’s next? Human falls in love with a mummy and they have little mummy kids running around filled with love and kindness helping the world? If anyone steals this idea, I call dibs. How about we stop trying to bridge the unbridgeable and leave monsters being what they do best, scare the living poop out of people. Especially children. But I see a pattern here and it might not be as bad as it first seems, we make monsters look as friendly un-monster like creatures who have these awesome powers that are not a burden but it kind of is; and then we have humans look like complete monsters because they are worth less than humans and behave like utter morons. Sure, that could be the reason why monsters are becoming your friendly neighbors and why “celebrities” are becoming the focal points of ridicule.

Nevertheless, monsters are supposed to be scary. Their appearance must not be the most scariest you can think of, in fact, the more human like they look, the more they have this familiar and warm look the more scary they are. Why you ask? Simply, what would scare you more, a psychopath killer that you can spot from a distance, or a psychopath killer that has your beating heart in its cold hands already, I think it is pretty obvious. Perhaps for that reason people are trying to create monsters that are more human. I just beg them to leave the already existing ones as they are. I really don’t want to be awaken at night by a glowing disco ball in my room trying to suck my blood, how could I look anyone in the eye and say that I got attacked by a vampire. I would be the laugh of the year. Sends shivers down my spine.

Perhaps people’s perspective of what is scary is shifting and we no longer find the unknown that terrifying as we once did, perhaps we have  a need for everything to be twisted and perverted. Personally, that makes me more sick and disgusted than horrified. We shouldn’t forget what scary means and what monsters represent. Furthermore, remember that the Unknown is the best fuel for any good scare, and that usually less is more.



By Dejan Vicai

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