Hello readers and welcome to Anglozine!

Who are we?

The editors of Anglozine are current and former students of English language and literature.  Together, we are a group of language enthusiasts and literary lovers who decided to make something our vast community of fellow Anglicists can find interesting and informative.

Hence the magazine, where we are sharing our thoughts and comments related to the English language and anglophone literature. The magazine is also a perfect place for boosting creativity and here you can find stories, poems as well as pieces of translation produced by our editors and authors.

What is Anglozine?

Anglozine is supposed to be a virtual space where the students of English can find insightful articles related to their studies and the field of English language in general. Additionally, they are all welcome to contribute whatever creative stuff they can think of.

Who are our readers?

From its beginning, Anglozine has been primarily intended for students of English. However, the quality and the range of our topics soon attracted visitors from different backgrounds but connected with similar interests in language, literature, culture.

As our audience grew, we have recognized the need to make a significant change. Starting from scratch, we have now moved from anglozine.wordpress.com and now you can follow us at anglozine.com.

So, join us! And don’t hesitate to contact us in case there’s something you’d like to suggest or find out about.


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