Who can write for Anglozine?

All current and former students of English at the Faculty of Philosophy are welcome to write for Anglozine. It belongs to all of us, after all.

There are no specific guidelines on what you should write or how, it’s all up to you. The requirements are that a piece that you intend to publish here is related to English studies or life at the Faculty and that it makes some sense to your fellow Anglicists (which is not that difficult actually). 400-1000 words long posts look nice, but this limit is not that strict. All the images you wish to include in your article should have a Creative Commons license and a reference/link to their original source.

All the articles will be reviewed by someone from the editorial board, whose task is to make sure that your article gets the perfect form before publishing. Clearly, you don’t want to copy, borrow or otherwise use other people’s works without making a proper reference to it.

If there is anything else you would like to know, our crew is at your disposal. Feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to publishing your article,



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