Twisted fate…

Ziel had no idea what was going on but she did know that it was time to get going. Judging by the Sun’s movement, at least a couple of hours have passed and it should be around noonish. Oddly, as Ziel was getting up to continue her journey, she wasn’t the least bit bothered by the scorched area around her. As if it felt a part of what she was. Going back to the side of the road she used her compass once again to find north and to head in the direction of O.O. It didn’t seem like she was getting any closer to anywhere, but she had no choice. Ziel felt that if she continued to stay too long in one place she will be found. However, she was ready this time, not sure what she would do but she won’t run or cower.

Not afraid anymore…

It was still dark, but Ziel could see the Sun braking dawn, she survived the night. But what now? She was all alone, without any proper gear, rations or any weapons for that matter. ‘I am completely defenseless!’ and similar thoughts were going through her head. She knew she had to get to safety. ‘Maybe it is good that nobody knows me, I can blend in more easily.’, though she was thinking that, deep down she knew she was unable to blend in anywhere. She was terrified, but she had to move or someone, or something, will find her. She looked around for road signs, and the only she could find next to the road was a small piece of plank attached to a post reading: O.O. →, N. O.↓, Barthnew ↑, Sacila←. She wasn’t familiar with any of these names and she had no idea where to go, or how far any of these settlements are for that matter.

Born into flames

rules2010_0713_1Ziel took the cup, and took a nice long sip, the tea was relaxing, just what she needed the most. Ferwyn said nothing, he knew what was going on, and he knew why she was upset, he wanted her to blow off some steam before she learns of her origin and her powers. After longs moments of silence, Ferwyn finally decided to break the ice. “Ziel, I need to tell you something very important. Something, that will explain why everything happened as it did so far. Please, you must understand, that we did all of this as a precaution, to protect you. Your parents…”, Ziel suddenly lifted her tilted head and her eyes widened with excitement. “You knew my parents? What were they like?”, Ferwyn smiled kindly, “They were kind people. And you have to understand they did everything for you. They would be very proud of you.” Ziel started crying, but these were tears of joy, after so long, she finally learned something of her parents. “Please, tell me, what happened to them! Were they… were they killed?”, the smile on Ferwyn’s face disappeared. The thoughts ‘I knew it! I knew they didn’t just abandon me!’ were rushin through Ziel’s mind, she was relieved and furious at the same time. ‘Who could have done this? And why? What did my parents do?’ Ziel started feeling odd. She had a kind of static feeling on her skin. Her hands suddenly felt really warm, she got scared.

The search is on

Calendar              The Summer Solstice was just around the corner. It was a clear Kythorn night,not a single cloud, all the stars visible, a truly remarkable sight. At least that’s what Ziel thought. She was in a small tower room with only a window, a door and a bucket for nature’s call. Even though she was visited by the monks of Hieroneous on a daily basis, they did not count as company, she was still feeling lonely. Most of the day she felt lonely, but at nights like this she truly felt miserable. Everyone, free, enjoying themselves, and she is locked in here, caged. She often wondered why it had to turn out like this. She never knew her parents, the monks told that she was left at the gates of the monastery when she was perhaps 2 years old, but the monks were never sure. She was a half-elf. For a woman she was tall, and for a half-elf she was even too tall. Tall but slim, with long fair hair, and with elven ears. She hated them, because of that nobody looked at her like they would at a normal person. Especially the town of Crystallyne, this small town still bares the remnants of the Sylvan wars, even though they took place 200 years ago, some inhabitants still held a grudge. Perhaps that is the reason why Ziel was abandoned.

He is alive

“Oi boss, look at them smallings, I reckon they’d make fair game if we hunted them!”, said one of the humans while pulling Thaf to stand up. “I bet they’d squeal like pigs too. Hahaha.” Thaf looked around and saw three figures, he could make out two human shapes and perhaps and orc. “What do you want from us?” As soon as Thaf said that, he got a punch right across his mouth, Thaf spat blood. As he turned his head back he saw that the big guy, perhaps the orc, was rounding up the others, tying their hands together. Even though they were ambushed and being tied up, nobody made a single sound, and for that matter, nobody put up any fight. Thaf felt it in his guts that this is it, that and the swift kicks he was getting from time to time. Perhaps it would have been better to go with Odorf. ‘I failed as a chief’, Thaf thought.

All Hallow’s Eve

As our beloved harbinger of Halloween sang:” This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night”, it is time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. But, you may ask, what is Halloween? Well girls and boys, gather round and let me tell you a little story about how a not so innocent celebration became what it is today.

You all know that certain religions adopted certain rituals and activities that were not so, well, accepted by the church. Religions need followers, right? So the only logical thing that could have been done was to make these pagan rituals acceptable and not so sinful after all. Seems like a smart idea, and seems like bending rules and regulations is alright with god. It does not, however, change the fact that All Hallow’s Eve was a pretty awesome ritual back in the days, but today, it lost its magic.


                “Unbelievable!!! Truly remarkable!!! Hu Man has done it, for nearly 10 years nobody could beat the record, but he did! He is a new legend, ladies and gentlemen. He managed to run 100 meters in 9.23 seconds. He is the fastest man alive! Truly magnificent!” The commentator was screaming and parading. Everything was extremely loud and covered in confetti, the whole stadium was one glittering, loud, happy place. Hu couldn’t imagine any other place he would have been right now, he did it. He burst into tears. Many years of training finally paid off, his dream was to be the world’s fastest man, even for a little while. He trained his soul and body for this, and sacrificed so much. He was slowly walking towards the winner podium, feeling ecstatic and full of life. Deep down he knew this is all thanks to pushing his limits, his physical limits, because in mind he was always ready. He finally managed to find that fine line for the psyche and corporeal to agree and make breaking records possible. He will have his finely sculpted body as proof that he has succeeded in life. He stepped onto the podium, onto the number one. Everyone was standing, clapping, screaming, they were part of a historical moment. Hu couldn’t hold his tears back, tears of joys were rushing down his cheeks.