It’s that time of the year again, when children and men, young and old, wish upon a star, and make a New Year’s Resolution. Oh how joyful it is to make a resolution like not drinking anymore, or working out more, or promising that you will not try to take over the World again. Each new year millions and millions of such promises are made, and how many are kept? Wait let me get my calculator, oh wait, almost none! Yes, we all make hasty promises in a drunken fervor that we will become a better man next year, and next year we wake up with a terrible headache, completely forgetting that we just promised we wouldn’t do that again.

Don’t treat new year resolutions as some kind of giant post-it that needs to remind you to be a better person, you need to do that without any special festive reminder. I can count the times I said, promised, meant and fixated on never doing something again, and not five minutes pass I am doing it again. New year’s gives you an excuse to promise yourself something you would never do, but with the difference that people can hear you, and they might help you. Sometimes, maybe, probably they will just ignore it.

18417-Just-a-funny-New-Years-resolution-for-2014Why should the new year bring you stronger willpower? Does the movement of Earth alongside its orbit create some kind of magic fairy dust that grants you any wish you make on New Year’s Eve? In that case I wish for a pony! Oops, I meant to say I wish for a… um… world peace? Seriously, just because I feel like stating that I will have less cake for the next year does not mean I will have less cake, I mean how could anyone have less cake? No New Year’s Resolution is going to stop me from having cake!

If I am serious about doing, or not doing, something, I don’t need a special occasion to declare it, I am just going to stick with what I have decided. Everyone should have a strong enough will to fulfill their wishes, they say that giving up is the easy way out. Just because something is more challenging does not mean you will have harder time getting it. Of course it is hard to leave one of your old habits, but everything that is hard in life will become a conquest of epic proportions when you are done with it.

It is commendable that you wish to start your new year with something incredible, but why not make it more interesting? Now, I am not going to give you any ideas, figure it out on your own, you are all grownups. There are no shortcuts in life, a New Year’s Resolution might just give you that little push that you need to accomplish something. Just remember, empty promises are like empty beer bottles, they look lonely and sad.

Finally, my New Year’s resolution is 1366×768.
A Happy New Year y’all!

By Dejan Vicai

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