How many times in your lives have you guys been labeled, marked as something or have been called something rude you did not wish to be? Your socio-economic status will never define who you are in reality, only your actions will reveal your true identity. Everyone thinks that it would be better to be labeled rich and spoiled than poor and desolate, but is it truly? Just because the world revolves around money does not mean that you want to be labeled as the 1%. But there is more to it than just being labeled rich or poor, we all want to leave a mark in this world, and we all want to prove what our worth is, but unless people stop labeling us as “Daddy’s son or girl”, we cannot simply move on. It is lovely that our parents made a name for themselves, but we are not them; we can be bigger and better thanks to them.

Unfortunately though, once you get a label on you, it is hard to remove it. It will haunt you forever, well unless you do something remarkably stupid or profitable. But unless you are able to break out of your shell, you will be forever known as the Insert_nickname_here kid.

polls_16_0617_208273_poll_xlargePerhaps some labels are better than others, but their reputation is far worse than anything hurtful that people can come up with. If you have a negative label on you, people will be able to judge you even before judging you on your other attributes. A label is like a floating sign that points towards you and tells everyone about something you do not wish for the world to know.

Rejoice as there is a solution to this, you can fight it, and you can change it. It is similar to pulling off a first-aid bandage, make it quick and make it hurt. Be bold, and be prepared for a lot of pain, but most of all, be prepared to change. Unless you are willing to do something in order to erase the mark you have, then nothing will ever change on its own. You are the only one who can make the label get peeled off and replaced with a better one. And in all honesty, nobody really cares about anyone else in this world; they are only paying attention to your label because it is there for everyone to see.

People enjoy seeing others in torment and seeing their failures and misfortune, not because they are sadistically sick and twisted, no, they like to do it so that they can forget their own peril and in the hopes that their labels will not be noticed by others.

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