Ever heard or read the story of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ ? Of course you have. We all remember it, a classical tale, damsel in moral dilemma whether to love a hideous, but kind-hearted beast, and to leave your family because you promised someone something. If only promises worked like that. But! I call shenanigans. The moment Beast turns into prince What’s-his-name, Belle falls deeply in love with him. Now hold on just one nanosecond there, when she sees how handsome he is she falls in love with him. So until she saw the ‘real’ him, she could not love him. Makes perfect sense. Although, she does fancy him throughout the story. Nevertheless, looks are more important than any other trait.

            Deep down, everyone, every single one, is shallow, don’t deny it. We all judge by looks. The first impressions are crucial, yes, but we are basing them on looks. Actually, we are comparing if something is beautiful, or not. Answer me this, what is beauty.

            Beauty should be defined as something personal, something that you perceive and see appealing. Nevertheless, we all obey what we are told to think beauty is. By fashion gurus and media nobility. However, don’t let them fool you, just because you are not the ‘ideal’ specimen of human beings, that does not mean you are a weird freakish degenerate.

            On the other hand, we have fine examples of people taking their beauty a bit too far, and showing too much. Take it down a notch there. Also, let us not forget how our perception has been perverted by all means and channels of media to see what we think we need to see. Time to open our eyes. Don’t accept that something looks good because you have been told so, but take a good, long, gander, like for more than just three seconds, and decide on your own.

            Granted, everyone has a reality they believe and see as their ‘reality’, do make it your own, reject ‘reality’ and fabricate your own, or at least copy your friends’. Furthermore, remember, women are not all D-cups and bee-waists and men are not all rock hard abs and toned muscles. We are who we are, as we are, not as we are perceived. 


By: Dejan Vicai

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