Around the world in bookish news: Book Jackets Go Live and Other Stories

The news from the world literature are as follows:
1. Classic book jackets come to life – in pictures– Oh my God, they are alive!
2. Salman Rushdie: The Curse of an Interesting Life– If you want to know what Rushdie would do if he did not become a writer, or why he waited 23 years to write about the fatwā, read this interview by The Talks.
3. 10 things we’ve detected about Agatha Christie– BBC celebrates Christie’s birthday by unearthing interesting, yet little-known facts about the Queen of Crime.
Copy of Copy of Copy of -It is better to fail in originality
4. Man Booker Shortlist Announced– Since all English-language writers can compete for the the award, we have two American authors, two British, one Jamaican and one Nigerian author.
You can find the previous bookish news here.

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