Around the world in bookish news: Rushdie’s Latest Novel and Other Stories

A new round of bookish news is here:
1. Newly discovered Dickens notes solve Victorian authorship mystery– Among the All Year Round contributors, we can find Lewis Carroll and a great number of women writing anonymously for the magazine.
2. The Hidden Benefit of Reading Before Bed– Greater memory and mental abilities are only some of the reasons why you should read before bed.
3. INFOGRAPHIC: The Chemistry of Book Smells– The difference between old and new books lies in chemistry.
4. Librarians Deliver Books by Bike to Underserved Communities– It all started when a 12 year-old asked a postal worker whether he had any extra junk mail to read.
5. The Mysterious Tale of Charles Dickens’s Raven– What is the connection between Dickens, Poe and Gauguin?
6. Rushdie’s Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights– A review of the Salman Rushdie‘s 12th novel.
You can find the previous bookish news here.

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