To shed a tear

To shed a tear

No matter how much Scarlett tried and struggled, she could not move, even worse, she felt her consciousness slipping into the abyss bit by bit. She heard familiar voices somewhere in the distance, calling her with an inviting tone.
Crossed swords

Crossed swords

Scarlett tried to warn her brother in time, but one of the cloaked men managed to stab him with a short sword. Although Dylan did not make a sound, he had to stagger back. As the sword was pulled back from Dylan’s stomach, blood started gushing out. If anything, this has made him only madder. ‘I need to get to him before he loses too much blood.’ Scarlett tried to subdue her foe, but he was extremely agile and did not leave any opening for her to use. Dylan on the other hand did not look for any openings; he simply used sheer force to make one.

Unwanted company

Scarlett was looking for an alley or a dark corner she could lead her stalkers to, although she had no luck. However, she did find the shrine, many shrines in one place actually. Because this town had no real temples, the townsfolk only built shrines to worship their deities. ‘This will be a short prayer. Pelor, forgive me.’ Scarlett was thinking while pulling out a small candle from her bag, lighting it and placing it next to the other candles. She then proceeded to lower her head in order to say her prayers. For a while, there was silence broken by the sound of birds chirping. ‘… and please look over Dylan as well…’ Suddenly, Scarlett heard a loud whooshing sound from her right; she immediately pulled out a small shield which she was carrying on her back, hidden under her cloak. She managed to block the speeding arrow, but had to move quickly as another one was on its deadly way. Scarlett moved quickly, in a zigzag pattern to avoid any other arrows, but before she knew it, she was jumped by a man wearing a black cloak.

Dylan was still searching the market, not looking for anything in particular, and only browsing. Suddenly, he had a sudden rush down his spine. Something was wrong, ‘I should better find Scarlet.’ He never liked to be separated from his sister, although he was the younger sibling, he always took care of Scarlett. Dylan picked up the pace and tried to shake the two stalkers. However, no matter how hard he tried, they were always there. ‘Darn it. I should lose them fast and find Scarlett.’ He thought that maybe if he lured them to the edge of the town, he could dispose of them quickly, and without witnesses. At the end of the market he took a left turn and hoped that he will reach some kind of a secluded area, hopefully a place where his stalkers could scream without anyone hearing them.

A question of perspective

He spent the whole evening in preparing his weapon for the worst. As morning drew nearer, he thought more about the danger he will be in soon. Not even for a second did the innkeeper think that nobody will notice the Crimson Siblings have taken shelter in his inn. ‘Gods have mercy on me, why did it have to be my inn. Meredith, give me strength. I need you more than ever, woman.’ the innkeeper thought while looking at his late wife’s picture. The first rays of the morning Sun were slowly crawling in through the window. With a deep sigh, the innkeeper got up wobbled over to the kitchen for morning preparations. Whatever happens, he still has a business to run.

Not long after he went to the kitchen, the Siblings came to the hall from their room. “Take a seat, breakfast will be ready in a moment.” the innkeeper yelled from the kitchen. “It is quite alright, sir. I believe we have exceeded our welcome here already as it is.” answered the girl. They already packed all their belongings and they were ready to leave in a moment’s notice. “Nonsense!” yelled the innkeeper, “I won’t let you leave without proper breakfast. I don’t want to hear anyone talk how old Willie swindled customers. You paid for a bed, dinner and breakfast, and by the Gods you will have breakfast.” The girl tried to reply, but her brother just pulled her to sit down. She looked at him confused, but he just shook his head.

Family ties

Late at night, a knock was heard at the front door of the Silent Stooge Inn. The innkeeper wobbled to the entrance door. “We don’t accept any more visitors!” He yelled: “Go away! Unless you can pay!”. After a moment of silence, a soft voice was heard from the other side of the door, “We will of course pay for your troubles, sir.” Thinking that it might be a trap, the innkeeper still decided that money is money, and because he needed the gold, he opened the slit on the door. He couldn’t see anything as it was too dark and it was raining.

The innkeeper had no choice and he opened the door, with one hand on the ready to reach for his hidden dagger. The heavy door opened with a creak and revealed two figures standing in front of him, a tall hooded person, around 190 cm the innkeeper guessed, a man or at least that is what he could see from the cloak. He noticed the hilt of a sword under his cloak, however, he made nothing of this as a lot of travelers carry weapons for self-defense. The other character was a short person, probably around 160 cm, once again he could not see anything from the cloak. Judging by the physique, he guessed the shorter figure could be a female. ‘They better be worth the damn gold. I don’t need any trouble. I am too old for that.’

It only starts now

Jacque was standing there watching, not moving. Ziel started sweating and fidgeting nervously, she felt her life ending, there and then. She was captured without even noticing who it was who held her life to a knife. ‘Could it be the masked men again? Probably not, this guy smells of cheap spirit and he is also alone.’ She felt the knife’s blade dancing on her skin, and a faint stream of blood appeared. Ziel wanted to scream, but she knew it would not end well. “Ye better just let me take ‘er and nobod’s gettin ‘urt.” Jacque slowly moved his right arm behind his back, reaching for something, and he almost had it. “What ar’ ye doin’? ‘AND WHERE I CAN SEE ‘EM!” Screamed the thug and held the knife even tighter against Ziel’s neck, she let out a small squeal. “Ya ‘ear? She squeals too. Will fetch me a pretty penny. Hehehe.” In the meantime Jacque moved his hand back by his side and raised them in the air. “Look, just let her go, and nobody will get hurt.”, the thug got mad, “Ar’ ye t’reating me?!” The thug got agitated and made a shallow small cut on Ziel’s neck. “If ye don’ lemme pass the next cut will be ‘er last one. Good, now giv’ me yer ‘orse. Jacque turned round while holding his hands in the air, ‘What is he doing? Is he really going to let me go just like that? I… I thought he was different.’ Ziel’s eyes filled up with tears. As Jacque reached for the bridles he turned with a swift motion throwing a dagger in the thugs direction, unfortunately he missed and the dagger landed short of his feet, he also managed to throw himself out of balance and fell on the ground, on his back. The thug started laughing at Jacque’s poor aim, “Is this ‘ow ye wanted to save ‘er? Har har har! Yer the one needin’ savin’. Har har har!”