He spent the whole evening in preparing his weapon for the worst. As morning drew nearer, he thought more about the danger he will be in soon. Not even for a second did the innkeeper think that nobody will notice the Crimson Siblings have taken shelter in his inn. ‘Gods have mercy on me, why did it have to be my inn. Meredith, give me strength. I need you more than ever, woman.’ the innkeeper thought while looking at his late wife’s picture. The first rays of the morning Sun were slowly crawling in through the window. With a deep sigh, the innkeeper got up wobbled over to the kitchen for morning preparations. Whatever happens, he still has a business to run.

Not long after he went to the kitchen, the Siblings came to the hall from their room. “Take a seat, breakfast will be ready in a moment.” the innkeeper yelled from the kitchen. “It is quite alright, sir. I believe we have exceeded our welcome here already as it is.” answered the girl. They already packed all their belongings and they were ready to leave in a moment’s notice. “Nonsense!” yelled the innkeeper, “I won’t let you leave without proper breakfast. I don’t want to hear anyone talk how old Willie swindled customers. You paid for a bed, dinner and breakfast, and by the Gods you will have breakfast.” The girl tried to reply, but her brother just pulled her to sit down. She looked at him confused, but he just shook his head.

logo-blackNot long after the innkeeper brought out fried sausages, some old bread, and cooked eggs, someone banged at the door. “WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE! COME OUT NOW, AND NO ONE GETS HURT!” A deep man’s voice could be heard, it sounded very threatening. Only the innkeeper seemed bothered by this. “If you have a backdoor, we will leave immediately without causing any further…”, the innkeeper banged his counter with his meaty hands and yelled back: “BY THE GODS PAUL! LET ME RUN MY DAMN BUSINESS! I HAVE GUESTS HERE AND YOU ARE PESTERING THEM!” When he finished the sentence, he went round the kitchen and came back with a sheathed sword. The tall man was about to get up from the table, but the woman stopped him. “No brother. This is something he must deal with alone. We would only be in the way, probably.” He just looked at her, raising one eyebrow, nodding, and quietly sitting back down. Meanwhile the innkeeper wobbled over to the door, opening it wide open and said: “Paul… err, sheriff! I would like to invite you in, only you, no one else. I would like to talk this over.” A short moment later, a tall and well-built guy stepped out from the crowd. He was wearing a black cloak and a big black hat with a seven armed star on it. “Alright then, let’s talk. There is much to discuss.” The two of them went inside, but before closing the door behind them, the crowd got restless again. They were shouting and trying to follow the sheriff. But, the sheriff turned his head back at them with a stern look. The crowd calmed down immediately. “Nothing to see here, everyone go home.” With that the sheriff turned to go inside the inn. “We demand justice! We dem…” Not even turning back, but with his back turned, sheriff Paul let out fearsome scream: “GO. HOME.NOW.” It sounded like thunderbolt. Nobody from the crowd wanted any trouble with the authorities so they went about their business, some still lingered around to see what will happen.

Witchhunter_by_EzraHardmanThe two men went inside the inn and the innkeeper offered the sheriff a place to sit, next to the Crimson Siblings. “I will be right back with refreshments. Paul, the usual?” The sheriff nodded. As the innkeeper was wobbling over to the counter to prepare the drinks, the siblings seemed a little uneasy. They had their fair share of trouble with the authority, but they have never had an angry mob come at them before. The sheriff gave each of them a stern glance before introducing himself. “I am the sheriff of Old Obarren, Paul, PaulStormbolt. It is my pleasure and honor to meet the Crimson Siblings. You have done much for the kingdom of Wayfare, and for that in the name of the Ministry of Law and Order I thank you. However, we simply cannot overlook your other… activities. I hope you are well aware of this, Dylan and Scarlett Regale. The tall man, Dylan, wanted to say something, but his sister stopped him with a swift hand motion. He looked at her, and she nodded. “It is a pleasure for us as well, Sheriff Paul. I do assure you that we have not done anything that would clash with the authority. My brother and I are just simply passing by. We wish no harm to anyone nor do we wish to cause any commotion.” Dylan could not keep quiet anymore “We did nothing. And yet, people are enraged, and they are bothering this poor man.” He pointed at the innkeeper. “We know he recognized us and we know that he was taking a risk.” Scarlett laid her hand on Dylan’s shoulder. “Yes brother, do not be upset. Everything will be fine. The sheriff here will make sure that nobody gets hurt, for the townsfolk’s sake I hope.” The innkeeper arrived with drinks. “On the house.” He took a seat, and looked at the sheriff, waiting for his response.

South-African-Wine-safari-Thelema-21Anticipation and gloom was lingering in the room, the sheriff took his drink, a spirit made from maze, the innkeeper’s own recipe, swung it down in one sip. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke: “I cannot guarantee your safety.” Both siblings grinned. “Oh, I do not believe you should be worried about us, sir.” Said Scarlett with a devilish and almost menacing looking grin. The sheriff had chills run down his spine. He heard about what the siblings are capable of. But it was still unexpected and unbelievable that the two of them are so malevolent. “Just keep the townsfolk away from us, and nobody gets hurt.” Said Dylan, seemingly bored, while crossing his arms. “Yes, as my brother pointed out, try to keep the citizens far from us. We do not want any innocent bloodshed, sir.” The sheriff shuddered; he felt the rush of chills down his spine once again. “Actually, I wanted to talk about that. You cannot just leave town yet. I have a job for you, no, more of an order truly.” The siblings did not seem to be bothered by this, only Dylan raised one of his eyebrows. “In a day or so, one of my best rangers, Jacque, will return with someone very important. Your job will be to escort and protect her as long as I… as long as the Incendium Order deems it necessary.” Even the innkeeper seemed shocked by all of this. The Incendium Order was a notorious organization, known for their behind the shadow actions regarding many political and military actions. A small number of very powerful characters were behind the organization. “Well, it is not every day that the Incendium Order recognizes us, right brother?” Dylan looked distant. “Very well, sheriff. I presume our expenses will be covered then?” The sheriff nodded.

By Dejan Vicai

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