The eternal struggle of everyday man: will I have enough time? The short answer is no; we just simply do not have enough time for everything in our lives. No matter how much planning is done, no matter how the stars are aligned, humans simply have not enough time. We spend most of our lives trying to figure out what we can do with our lives, and no sooner when we finally find an answer it is already too late. We focus on things and events which are not even important and yet we make them top priority in our lives, instead of using all that energy and time for something more useful.

Although we complain that there is never enough time, we find a couple of hours to do meaningless and practically useless activities just so we can escape the harsh reality of the present. The past also hangs around everyone’s neck, lingering and grimly reminding that we are destined to be doomed if we do not hurry up and finish our work on time. Since adulthood, the only important notion in a grownups life will be that time is running out, rapidly and without as much as a warning.

However, time is relative, it is not even the same notion in every culture, nor is it the same physically in every corner of the world. And if we venture on beyond into space, time as we know it now becomes irrelevant and meaningless. Yet, for every possible person alive, time is running out, time is short and we will never have enough of it. We, as human beings, are slaves to the fabric of time.

Even though time moves in one way, as much as we are aware so far, we mostly dwell on the past. It comes back to haunt us and we always assume that it is for our best interest so that we can learn to shape the future. It is high time that we realize that the past has already happened and we need to learn as much as possible so that we do not make the same mistake twice; not so that we keep repeating history.

For every man, time only describes that we have something to do in order to fill in the blank from dawn until dusk; and no one should have anything better to do than focus on life because if you are not, then you are wasting your life and your time. Time has become so valuable that in the near future we will be paying with minutes and hours instead of money. Time is also becoming so scarce that it seems that only children are able to juggle between the harsh tasks of life and childhood.

Time, as we understand it, is only making us slaves. Not because there is an unexplainable force that compels us to behave as such, no, time is our master because we made it control our lives.

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