Generations come and go, cultures change with lightning speed and so do the people who follow cultural and fashion trends. But, there are two kinds of people, those who follow the latest fashion and those who make fun of them. A new menace has already gained enough attention and followers to become a considerable threat: swag.

‘What is swag’ you may ponder, and that is an excellent question. Top scientists have been working relentlessly trying to crack what swag is. Could it be an acronym perhaps? Or mayhap a clever disguise to get away from unwanted eyes. The more it goes around the more it seems that it is only a label, oh but not a label someone would want, this is a label for people doing stupid things. Before swag it was not important to tell our kids, “Don’t try this, it’s dangerous”, basically it was never a clever idea to put forks, or anything, into a plug.

But, let good taste not get in the way. Especially when you leave your swag on, and you wake up next to beautiful women. How does one go about turning on/off swag? Is there a switch I have not been aware of, like if I pull my left earlobe do I turn it on, or maybe I have to draw a circle and chant something in elfish. Although, it is quite easy to spot them, brightly colored clothes, huge glasses, silly hats and a lot of weird sounds they make, which they call a language.

Swag could be a side-effect of the ever so popular pop genre gaining wind again, but this time with the fashion sense of the eighties and Chihuahuas, and it seems that as soon as you yell swag you are unbound by any rule. Seems like a plan indeed. Ok, note to self, yelling swag in crowded places does not give you any right to act up, it only brings pain, and lots of it.

In all seriousness, turn off your swag, no really, turn it off, now, go!

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