Privacy is defined as a noun, a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people. Being alone without anyone knowing what you might be doing in your room. Perhaps you are scheming to build a small nuclear warhead to tease a neighboring country because their news network is badmouthing your elementary school, seems possible, doesn’t it? Oh, you think it’s impossible to build one out of ordinary household items? Well in that case, why in the Nine Hells would anyone check on me whether I am building one? And for your information, I am building a hydrogen bomb out of bottle caps, a squirrel and a broken toilet seat, yeah I went full MacGyver, what are you going to do now non-spying government?

In a overdeveloping technological world we crave to be left alone, that nobody sees what we do and what we like, yet the more we shut off the world the more we yearn to be exposed. Nothing is sacred anymore. Our every move can be observed in real-time, don’t trust me? Just remember to smile for the nice men watching you right now.carrier-iq-privacy

For years now we have been prepared and fattened to be exposed to everyone in the world. Fiction is the past, the actions of today are the new buzz of tomorrow. People don’t want mysteries, and for a good reason too, every mythical and mysterious creature was turned into a glittering flying glow stick. The next step, watching your neighbor have a fight with the wife and kids, it isn’t exciting at all, but at least that will confirm that you are a better husband/parent and that you don’t have to lift a finger to pay more attention while your “loved” ones are already mourning you in the privacy of ignorance.

Everyone needs a bit of time for themselves, a bit of time alone, to rearrange your thoughts, to blow off some steam. And what do we do? The best pastime activity is to intrude on someone’s life, not out of curiosity, not because you are jealous, ok maybe a little bit, but mostly because you need confirmation that you are better than that person. Being a stalker has never been easier, you can acquire any information at any time, without questions asked, usually.

Intriguing how when your privacy is at stake then it is wrong and intrusive, but when you do it to someone else, it was for a “good” cause. Now just sit down, take a deep breath, think about what that means. Let it sink in. Just as easily as you can observe someone you can be observed as well. We are all connected to the Internet 24/7 which means that our every move is observable 24/7. Just because you are hiding in a dark corner doesn’t mean I can’t find you.

Millions of ears and eyes can hear and see you every day, just the sheer thought of it can make you go slightly mad, or, OR, you can just turn off all of your electrical devices, pick up a book, go out with your friends, and instead of competing for the Local Neighborhood Stalker Award go and do something constructive.

By Dejan Vicai

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