They are coming to take us away, and now I have to hide somewhere where they will never find me, perhaps in my own head? Daily struggles of paranoia. But just think about it, with so many things happening out there in the world, how much do we really know? How much do we understand of what is going on around us? There are plenty of people who know a lot more, but they are not telling us anything. Paranoid people are perhaps even smarter than unremarkable average citizens. And on the other side, questioning everything is the backbone of a healthy mind; if we agree to everything we know and see, we would have never advanced further than the Dark Ages.

            For every struggle there is a reason behind it and even for paranoia as well. According to psychiatrists, the most common cause is probably schizophrenia, and who knows maybe they are right; maybe half of the world is just plain demented in the head. Or, better yet, people who figured out what are the background noises are now afraid of the consequences; cue scary music. Even if people are suffering from some kind of mental instabilities, they might be onto something. As they say, the truth is out there somewhere.


            Conspiracy time! What if paranoia is a form of mind and mass control that governments employ to keep the unruly people at bay? Think about it, from birth we are being programed to be the perfect little soldiers for the country: study, perform well, get a job, get a family, make a huge debt, work debt off and die for the country. No questions asked, no coloring outside the lines and especially no wondering if life could be better. Life is never going to get better, you are what you are and do not even try dreaming about being president. In the free world of democracy you are supposed to do as you are willed by the government. But you are free.

            If you rebel, you will be cast down, immediately and you will be made a prime example of what happens to people who question life. How dare you turn against your own kind? And after you have been exposed as a failure, it is time for rehabilitation, time to shape you back into what you were molded into in the first place, even if it takes you your whole life, you will realize your errs.

            Being paranoid is not a disease, it is not a deranged state of mind nor is it the nuclear meltdown of your psyche, it is the starting point of becoming self-aware. Humans are considered sentient beings, but are we truly? We say that the only thing differentiating us from animals is our ability to use languages to communicate, hooray for us, but we still follow the same cycle of life of and death. Oh and do not forget the rules, rules are good and everyone must follow them, or else you are a traitor to all of humankind.

            If you believe someone is watching you, behind every corner, lurking, waiting, you are absolutely right. WE are perhaps the only creatures in the universe that do not trust each other, not even our closest ones. But how could anyone stay sane when all we do is peek into everyone’s lives to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do, privacy is not a boundary anymore.

            The seeds of paranoia can quickly turn anyone into a madman, but if you know what is going on, if you truly open your eyes, let it guide you, soon, the truth will reveal itself without much effort. Perhaps paranoia is the first step towards awakening our dormant selves.

Remember: real eyes realize real lies.

By Dejan Vicai

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