What if I were to tell you that being a nerd is not equivalent to being a modern day hipster. Yes. Nerds, dorks, geeks and the others belong to a completely different genre of people. They don’t do it because of fashion, they don’t do it because it is cool or in. They simply do it because that is what they are. They love science, and fiction, and science-fiction, and fictional science. Moreover they enjoy comics, games, computers and the lot.

“Klaatu Barada Nikto”, “Live long and prosper”, “No, I am your father!”, Atari, Microsoft, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, modern day MMORPG’s, all of these are traits of a nerd. Not to be confused with vintage glasses, flashy but ‘gamer’ clothes and the often appearance outside the safety of the nerd’s natural habitat, their rooms. Of course there are different kinds of nerds, but not every one of them is necessarily a guy, yes I know it is a shocker but gals can also be nerds, and not every one of them has glasses or skin conditions or some kind of gastronomical problems. Basically, a nerd is not a nerd if they look like one, but what they do, or don’t.

On average nerds have an above average intelligence, and are mocked because of that, they perform better in academic studies, and are mocked because of that, generally they are not so successful in sports or outdoor activities and are, of course, mocked because of that. But, hold on there a minute, weren’t the nerds who invented lasers and rockets and all those neat things like computers that we use every day? Oh yeah, that’s right, they have done that! So think about that next time you want to make fun of a nerd, is it really worth to bother someone who has the capacity to build a thermonuclear microwave capable of launching radioactive and flaming toasts at you, at the speed of light, or is it better to just be friendly with them so that they can help you build your own active photon cannon to wreak havoc… What I meant to say was, be nice to them, they are humans just like you and me.

Remember kids, by wearing vintage glasses, and playing retro games does not make you a nerd, it makes you look stupid. And remember nerds everywhere, may you have the force to resist as it is not futile.

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By Dejan Vicai

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