Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching your favorite show, not having a care in the world, everything is as it should be. Peace. Serenity. And out of the blue people call you childish, for no reason! Is it so wrong to indulge in sometimes cheap entertainment? Just because I like to watch cartoons does not mean I am not “mature” enough. Oh what, I grew up on cartoons, it is a part of me, it will never die. Get over it. Don’t you dare change the channel!

There are certain boundaries that define what being immature is. However, I don’t believe feeding your inner kid is necessarily considered immature. I mean, watching cartoons, playing video games or board games is fun. Plus just because I have a healthy video game lifestyle doesn’t mean I can’t cope with the real world. Maybe sometimes. It might feel like the rest of the world is condemning you and setting up booby traps to show you how wrong you are, hehehe I wrote traps, but they’re the ones at wrong. Big meanies.

On a completely unrelated note, it’s fun laughing at people who hurt themselves doing something dangerously reckless, like riding a motorcycle into a hedge screaming ‘yolo’. It’s not? Is it just me laughing? Well in that case, you have stinky feet.

What would you even consider immature? Is being punny for the sake of fun considered immature? In that case lettuce hope you grain some scents of hue-more. Pun intended. Butt seriously, is being witty really a polaroid of a childish person? Perhaps. Although I would consider that more on the level being smarter. Screaming like a little baby and throwing a tantrum whenever you are asked to do something, or just nagging until you have it your way, that is what I found in my dictionary labeled as being immature. Being a fan of a show from your childhood or reading and watching certain comics and series and even collecting memorabilia would be more of a hobby. It hurts no one, neither is it dangerous, except for your wallet. Even eating candy is considered a no-no by some, like hell will I give up candy! You can take freedom, you can take my gadgets, but as long as I breathe you will not take my candy! Try and you will lose a hand, or two.

They say that we should look up to our elders, I agree, but have you seen what our elders are doing recently? Some kids have more brainpower in them than some of those people at high positions. I enjoy role-playing and making costumes for that, and then people go around prancing like: “Hurr, durr, you twat, what are you a baby?”  Well mister grown-up pants, you putting on a suit every day going to work, pretending to be an important man is just the same, isn’t it? The only difference is your perspective. Just because I spice up my everyday tasks to have fun, and to make them more interesting doesn’t mean that I need to “act” my age all the time, and be a stuck up stick in the mud all the time.

Don’t change because the world demands it from you, just put on your cape, gather your artifacts and put on a show so good that everyone believes you are what they expect you to be.

Never let the kid in you die.


By Dejan Vicai

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