Nothing is worse than getting rolled, oh you don’t know what getting rolled means? Everything will be clear after this, although another element is missing so that the meaning can be fully understood, in hindsight it seems that without that first part getting rolled seems a tad bit silly. Very likely if you were to know that first word, that last piece of information would end your suffering and torment, puzzling isn’t it? Envision the happy moment when you finally find out what being rolled means, and now try to imagine the next few moments when you are so enraged you wish to strangle the lamp next to you, please don’t, lamps have feelings too. Right about now I imagine a few people raging and furiously trying to figure out what in the ever blazing Sun is ‘being rolled’, well, let me help you, just keep reading, all will be clear, maybe.

Grinding teeth in frustration is not a good thing, don’t do it, oh wait, never mind, carry on, the solution to your predicament is just around the corner, I promise. On a completely unrelated note, you know that feeling when you get dragged around for no apparent reason, and in the end you get rolled, yeah, THIS is not one of those gags, scout’s honor. Now really, it would be pointless to drag you guys around, you deserve more than that. No, honest, this is not a deliberate act to stretch your very limitations and human frustration capabilities. Alright, maybe the truth is really somewhere out there, or at the end of the paragraph, well, now you have to finish to find out.

Getting there, and don’t feel bad, there is a treat at the end, I promise, really. Interestingly enough, this ruse has been constructed in a way to captivate you long enough to take your cat, nah, just kidding, we took your dog. Villains never take this long to explain their delicate and very fragile plans, fascinating facts. Ever wondered what getting rolled means, oh sorry, you have been wondering about that for the past 5 minutes, I presume.

You are getting closer to the truth, yes, you are almost there, sadly this journey is slowly coming to an end. Obviously I was stalling, but no longer am I able to do that, you guys are clever, the cat is out of the bag, the hedgehog is out of the forest, this hoax is done for. Ulterior motives aside, you are one step closer to find out what getting rolled means, let me help you it has nothing to do with rolling.

Understand that it was not easy getting you to come this far, I commend you, you have my eternal gratitude, however brace yourselves. Please understand, it was all for fun, I meant no harm, we had a barrel of fun, we had a few laughs, no?

Now just go back and pay special attention to the bolded letters of each sentence, what does it spell? Exactly!


By Dejan Vicai

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