One of the worst things we do day in day out is that we judge, evaluate and covet what others might possess or have going in their lives. And this is part of the modern electronic style of living. We switch on our computers, we log into social media networks and we start browsing who did what with whom and when. And if we find something that might not please us, or if someone is doing better than we are, then we get envious. But, instead of actually doing something useful, we just sit there, face in the monitor clicking furiously on pictures to find that one which will make us feel superior again; but we never find it, we only keep digging deeper and deeper into envy.

sin_symbol_envy_by_larsjack-d5n7w4sEnvy is considered to be one of the deadly seven sins. Facebook and similar social media networks are perpetuating that people become filled with jealousy over what they do not have, or do not need in reality. However, the ugly truth is that human beings will get envious, but we learn to control it with age. Ah yes, age, the problem with modern kids being ever so envious is that there is no one who could guide and teach them how to deal with envy and other modern deadly sins. Nowadays, accessing the Internet is easier than ever before, and we also have a plethora of electronic devices to choose from.

Social media networks are also making it easier for people to stalk others and to check whether someone is lying or telling the truth, we have dug ourselves so deep into Internet dependency that unless we get our fix, we are unable to function properly, and envy is one of the best rated fuel around.resized_philosoraptor-meme-generator-if-jealousy-is-envy-and-envy-is-a-sin-and-god-is-a-jealous-god-is-god-a-sinner-83fe46

Instead of harvesting the positive background energies when we become envious, we only believe that everyone else is at fault and that we could never reach what others have; yet we judge them for having a better life or better items in their lives. All of it builds up until it explodes in a manner of blame and hate of everyone around us, making us lose everyone and everything we love. We could, however, turn envy into a power source, something that would drive us to become better, to achieve greater things. Why does he have a better car? No, the question should be, why cannot I have something even better? But, be careful, you should set milestones not so that you can make that other person envious, no, you should do it to better yourself, and to prove yourself that you are able to achieve greater things.

Envy is considered a sin because it is the first step towards spiraling into oblivion, many cannot fight back succumb to the primal urges envy awakens. The only way to keep integrity and to stay intact is to actually utilize the raw power of the envious green beast grinning back at you.

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