When they tell you to read something, you automatically presume that you need to find it on the Internet, well, what if I told you that you can read a book as well. You know, those old things, that our ancestors used to have. Hard covers, pages, bindings, actual physical bookmarks. Words that cannot scroll, no moving images or annoying pop-ups to disrupt your reading time. Believe it or not, books have really awesome stories to tell you. Just go to your nearest library, no, actually go ask your mom, moms always have a book or two nearby that you can read.

You can have many types of books, I bet there is a sort for every reader out there. Also, books come in many shapes and sizes, also colors, don’t forget that there are many colorful books. Coloring books as well for the more creative readers.

Now don’t be all like it is the twenty first century, and we have to move on with time, and reading is for old people and all that jazz. A book is not a container of words, no, a book is a key that you can use, to open the doors to imagination. Windows as well. All journeys begin by taking the first and hardest step, turning the first page. And sooner than you realize, you catch yourself being unable to stop turning those pages.

Actually, you don’t read a book, you have been taught wrong. No. You experience the book, you venture through a story with all the characters inside, you become one of them. For a brief moment, time stops, you step in another world, you become part of that world, you become much more. Nothing can compare to your interpretation of a book, not your best friend, not the movie, nothing can even come close. Because when you relive the adventures and countless stories told, they become more, those stories become real. Even if for a brief moment you believe you have magical powers, even if you believe that a dragon is curled up right besides you, that moment, that feeling makes a book a book.

The most awesome story ever told is when you experience it firsthand. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Read the story by yourself, unless you need a grownup to read it for you because you are obviously too small to read. But, never let anyone spoil the fun of taking the journey. Remember, the hardest is taking the first step.


By Dejan Vicai

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