Hey son, are you studying? – Sure I am mom, I am just reviewing one last time before my exam. Boy, how many times have we said that line, right? Right? Aw what, nobody does that anymore? I swear you guys have no life experience. Anyway, white lies are a good way to get out of sticky situations, they are not technically lies, but they are. You won’t hurt anybody feelings with a white lie, but it just might buy you enough time to do something that you forgot. And if not, hey, you can always chain white lies together, right? Not like anyone can find out if you were actually sick, or if you were actually at a different place than you said, oh wait, thanks to social media you can’t just go around telling whatever you feel like, because people can check up on you. Back in the 90s you could just tell your parents you will spend the night with a friend of yours and nobody would know that you actually smuggled nuclear weapons for some random terrorist organization. Nowadays, you can’t go without sneezing and half of the world knowing about it.

Do be careful with white lies because you can stack them and eventually they will evolve into a blatant fat greasy lie and then you cannot undo what you have done. But if you have no problem lying to people then be my guest, I always enjoy messing with people. In order to recognize little lies, you have to be a little bit of a liar yourself too. Now, now, don’t be all ‘but I never lie’, that there my good man is perhaps the biggest lie you have ever told. We all use white lies, sometimes consciously, the whole point is that you cleverly dodge a bullet, for a while.

1But, be careful, using white lies is like a drug, everything feels good and cozy the first couple a times you use it, but the more you practice it the more natural it becomes, and after a while it becomes a routine, a part of your life. After that, you yourself won’t know what is real and what is the sugar coated jaw-breaker that is the truth. It’s a spiral from there, lies keep mounting up, unfulfilled promises, ruined friendships and sooner than you think, you are alone. Not because your friends don’t like you, they will give you a chance, they will try to repair you no matter what, they are not the problem, you will be the one pushing them away with words that you think will pull them in.

White lies are a good short term escape route, and you should keep it like that. Don’t let a sweet innocent fluffy bunny white lie grow into a malicious repugnant cold as steel monster of a lie. Given enough time, your lies will come alive, and time heals everything, except lies, time makes them stronger.

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