As they say, what goes around comes around, and for sure, Karma is a heartless cruel mistress. Everyone gets their just piece of pie sooner or later. We might think that it is sometimes unfair how life events turn out, for most of us it also looks like that no matter how hard we try we just cannot succeed; while on the other end people are just blooming like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, a lot of people have an easier start which does not necessarily mean that they have it easy all their life. We should not long for what we do not have, rather we should cherish and relish what, and who, we already have.

Karma works in mysterious ways whether you believe it or not. A mystical force of the universe or just a supernatural flow of things, who knows; we do know that it refers to an endless cycle of cause and effects. This phenomenon follows simple and crude rules. There is no meaning behind it; there is no secrecy, just a simple well-oiled clockwork system that eventually balances everything out.

We always blame the universe if things go sour, understandably of course. But we fail to see the reason behind it. Bad things happening to good people is kind of an empty phrase because you cannot follow something with blind faith, we all know how things turned out the last time millions did that. However, there are unfortunate events, the sisters of fate have a horrid sense of humor, but everything has a reason; we might think that it is divine punishment or intervention, but nothing in the universe happens without having a good cause for it. Our feeble minds just cannot comprehend it.

On the other hand, we as humans, have a lot of karma to catch up to. For centuries we have been destroying our surrounding and ourselves, and after a long while nature is rebelling. Lives are in danger because we could not make the right decision then and there, or because we thought that we are beyond nature. Nevertheless, countless lives are affected by the poor choices we made in the past, lives that had little to nothing to do with how things revolve around them. These unfortunate souls have to pay the heaviest price: losing everything they have and their families. The question that arises is: ‘Did they deserve it?’, absolutely not, will Karma pay back? Eventually it will.

Ultimately, we cannot rely on the fact that Karma is a bitch. Our duty is to protect and help those in need, not because good deeds bring about good rewards, no, we need to help because that is humane and because we can. Giving a helping hand might not mean a lot to us, but for those who are in dire need, it means the world.

We help, not because we are morally obliged to, we help because we can. That is how Karma is weaved as well.

Written by Dejan Vicai

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