Ever since the  post in which we dealt with the 45 brilliant books under 200 pages, I wanted to make a completely opposite list. Fancy a challenge? Here are the 5 longest novels ever written.

I hope you will like the infographic as much as I enjoyed creating it.

5. Zettel’s Traum by Arno Schmidt- 1536 pages
Inspired by James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, the novel is concerned with the problems of translating Edgar Allan Poe into German. The story is presented in the form of notes, collages and typewritten pages.

4. The Man without Qualities by Robert Musil- 1774 pages
The story of this unfinished novel of ideas is set in the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy’s last days. The main protagonist, Ulrich is Musil’s “man without qualities” as he fails to find the sense of life.

3. In Search of Lost time by Marcel Proust- 3031 pages
The novel tells a story about the narrator’s experiences while growing up, participating in society, falling in love and learning about art. This allegorical story about truth is semi-biographical.

2. Gordana by Marija Jurić Zagorka- 8768 pages
The novel deals with the death of Arpad King Matthias Corvinus and the events leading to the to the Battle of Mohács in the early 16th century. The heroine, Gordana Brezovačka is the embodiment of the undying national pride.
1. Artamène, or Cyrus the Great by Madeleine de Scudéry- 13,095 pages
Written between 1649 and 1653, the novel features more than four hundred characters and over one hundred settings. Consisting of 10 volumes, the book is considered to be the longest novel ever published.

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