You open your wee little eyes to the rays of morning sunshine dancing vividly on your eyelids and with a great smile you chase the remainder of your dreams away, you stretch while making wild animals noises and you know, no, you feel it is going to be a wonderful day. As you get up and start making your breakfast, the phone rings, an unknown number, well might as well answer it, “Hi, is this Steve?”, you let out a polite ‘no’, hang up and carry on. But wait! The phone rings again, the same thing, same answer. BUT WAIT! It rings again! The same bloody person asking the same bloody question, the same bloody answer! BUT HOLD ON A FRICKING MINUTE, it rings again. Then you ask that person if he is deaf so he can’t see that he keeps dialing the same number over and over and over and over again? What a way to ruin the morning.

You somehow manage to calm yourself. Why not see what’s on the news. You turn on your TV, and lo and behold, your county’s ministers have decided to cut back salaries again but to raise expenses to stimulate the economy. Now, I’m no expert that seems flawed. Moving on, they have also decided to cut back on education and to have more room for more “important” studies. And on a final note, the neighboring country has decided to congratulate us on our improvements, how dare they criticize what we do?! How dare they tell us if we are doing a good, or an utterly bad job?! Brothers and sisters, this means war! And you are just sitting there, stunned and shocked, wondering when did humanity hit rock bottom so hard that the new generation still has a major concussion.

You need to clear your head, you head over to your computer in the hopes that the Internet will bring some kind of salvation. Oh boy are you in for a treat. The first thing you encounter is a text of wall how your friend’s boss fired him for being late, every day, his excuse:”I was only late 2 hours tops, not like I missed anything. My boss is such a loser.” You look elsewhere, but to no avail. The conclusion is clear as the midnight Sun, people are becoming dumber and dumber as we get technologically advanced. And thanks to the idiocratic governing systems we are making it happen.

Calvin and Hobbes - Intelligent Life

We have effectively succeeded in removing the “natural selection” process from Dumb and Dumber’s life choices, because no matter what they do, unfortunately, people are trained to help them, to help them survive another day, and spew forward another generation of “Why is yellow snow bad?”

I propose we help Mother Nature a little bit. Let’s remove all the warning labels, for everyday stuff. Seriously, if you don’t have the mental capacity to figure out that radioactive waste is not a good peanut butter substitute then by all means be my guest and gorge that radioactive waste and jelly sandwich, perhaps it will grow another brain, making you half as stupid. We let this happen, now we must take action to clean up our mess.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. – Albert Einstein

By Dejan Vicai

Picture is property of Calvin and Hobbes comics.

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