What is art? Can we really define it as “something” with fixed rules? Rather, art should be anything that reflects beauty, whatever it may express, captured in a moment which lasts for eternity. When history is examined we have a few creative periods from which great artists emerged and created some of the most breathtaking pieces of art. Nowadays though, almost anything can pass as art; which is not bad in itself. Furthermore, art should not be defined as a movement or as a label; it is something that brings joy to your heart.

“You do not understand it, it is modern art you uncultured swine.” Oh, but I do understand it! As soon as you need instructions to understand something, it lost its meaning somewhere. If I do not feel it and if I need an interpreter then you as an artist have failed. Yes, there are artists who create because they have the need to give birth to their little creative monsters. Not to show the world that they are capable but because they have this ‘crativinist’ need. It is similar to an urge and unless sated, it will not go away.

Art critics are just simply hilarious; they try to tell you whether you meet certain requirements, um excuse me but since when does art come with a rulebook? Everyone is unique, however, they teach us to never color outside the lines, to never think outside the box, yet we have to be creative. People who create art only to be recognized and to become famous are not true artists; yes, times are hard and we have to do things we do not like to. Nevertheless, if you are true to your inner creative child, you will overcome any obstacle and you will not be satisfied with mediocrity.

We always reminisce how in the past we had more talented artists, we still have streetart-design-vol11-15many talented artists even today but they are not recognized as such by modern society. Unfortunately, even if you create the most perfect masterpiece ever, unless some hotheads approve, it will be as if nothing happened. Disapproval is a dangerous state to overcome, some may succeed, and on the other hand many will yield.

Nothing lasts forever, everything has an expiration date, but with art we can extend our own and show the world that creativity has not limits nor does it require inline coloring to be perfect. Do not be discouraged to create, do not succumb to threats, do not let the world contain you. To truly understand who you are, look deep inside of you and discover once again that little kid who liked to draw.

We are only limited because we are told so.

By Dejan Vicai

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