Imagine, you are walking down the street, everything is peaceful, a bright sunny day, couldn’t be more perfect of a day, and you are just taking a stroll, suddenly, the apocalypse starts! Hell on Earth, fire raining, the scourge of the Netherworld just pouring in from everywhere, people dying in the most terrible and horrific ways possible, screaming in agony. Most of us would react with a simple ‘meh’, and just keep on walking. But, lose the wireless internet connection and everyone loses their minds. The true horror of nowadays is not being connected and not being on the Internet.

The horror industry did a particularly good job on downgrading fear factors, and an even better job at stripping powers from certain creatures of the night, ‘cough cough’ vampires ‘cough cough.’ But if you do think back, our first ancestors, the simple yet elegant cavemen were afraid of everything, well not everything because we wouldn’t be here right now, but they were afraid of even the most gentlest butterfly. Granted, back then the butterfly must have been three stories big, hairy as a mammoth and probably had long and vicious saber-proboscis. However, our fear of the unknown hasn’t changed that much if you give it thought, when the Internet is down, we are surrounded by the unknown, so in a way it is the definition of horror.

As generations change so does taste, what was scary for us won’t be scary for them. The shocking fact is, how much the younger generations isn’t afraid of anything thanks to a new trend called Yolo, known before as Carpe Diem. Yes, Yolo, or You Only Live Once, people do crazy things, even confront their most deepest fears in a crazed-powered yolo-ing.

Unless a three-headed zombie-vampire wielding a severed giant alien xenomorph head spitting acid shows up and chases people around, pretty much the only thing being scary will be the awful quality footage taken of a poor misunderstood monster, sorry they prefer to be called society-challenged.

Remember, monsters don’t stop hiding under our beds, we just stop paying attention to them.

By Dejan Vicai

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