But first let me take a selfie… how many times have you heard this? Not just girls anymore, but everyone is now part of the selfie fab, what you do is stop, pucker up like a duck, make a pose like you need to go to the bathroom really badly but you are holding it back, and cheese. Seriously guys, no one wants to see your selfies, we could not care less about where and how you took a picture of yourself. Instead of taking breathtaking pictures of scenery around the world, or immortalizing something astonishing, we choose to forever preserve ourselves in front of a collapsing building, #yolo. Here is an idea, go into the building right before the moment it falls apart and try to take a selfie while running for your life, hopefully it will be #worthit.

Worse than taking a selfless picture is when you sit down to eat and before you start, you quickly snap a picture of your gourmet dish, and of course then everyone on the net has to know about it. Instead of worrying about something more useful, we spend our precious time worrying about whether we will have enough likes or shares or whatever the kids use today to approve of your swag. But, as long as you are at a restaurant, an obligatory mirror selfie is a must. How else could you prove that you were there?

Never before could you see so many men go on a duck hunt, even if it is not hunting season. Apparently, to have a convincing selfie you must have a duck face as well, at least that is how it all began. Maybe in a parallel universe ducks are posing as humans and taking duckies, patent pending for copyright.

If only we could somehow utilize the urge to take selfies and combine it with something more meaningful, oh wait, this is the Internet, of course it is possible! All we need is a few dozen of important figures to start the fab and voila, everyone will be doing it. On a more serious note, it is possible to turn a selfie into a usefie, name still pending, and with that we could even help each other. Do not question how, it is possible!

As a warning, stay away from reflective surfaces as this is what attracts people to stop and take a selfie. Furthermore, do not startle them, they will see this as an act of open invitation and they will not stop until every possible selfie was taken with you.

Lovely people of the Internet, my proposal is to counter selfies with the #shelitfie movement. Take a picture of yourself in your book sanctuary, where and how you like to read, or better yet, where you feel the magic happens when you are deeply and madly into a story. Post your pictures so that we can show the world new hope.


By Dejan Vicai #shelitfie #knjigojko

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