That last minute before your alarm clock goes off, the precious last bite before you finish your meal, the last cookie in the jar, those feelings of happiness and sadness mixed are some of the most incredible feelings, something close to nirvana. Alright, there are other situations as well but that’s beside the point. We all have our tranquil moments and rituals. Some enjoy a good session of relaxation with a book and a bottle of wine, or perhaps a run in the woods. Others enjoy listening to music, creating something or just doing some yard work. We shouldn’t forget the new generation way of finding your inner peace, playing overly violent, gory, explicit games, and boy does it feel good to carve someone a new face after a long and exhausting day.

For at least an hour a day we all wish that everyone and everything in the world just vanished and left us alone. That is our “me” time, and everyone deserves to blow off some steam, otherwise everyone would become a psychotic killer. Stress is a dangerous thing and it can push someone’s buttons just enough for them to go over the edge, and in order to control the pressure of the world we need to find our own little place of tranquility. Different people, different tastes, different ways of finding their happy places and if you can’t understand that, well let me help you down this cliff. Don’t rustle someone’s Jimmies just because they love to do interpretive dancing to relax, either pretend to enjoy or go somewhere else and try to relax on your own.


Just think back, how many times did you have to make a decision when you were under pressure? Now imagine if before any major decision in your life, you would get a good hour of time to clear your head, to think about every aspect of what you need to do next, and with a clear mind you make a decision that you probably won’t regret. It would be heavenly, right? Imagine now that almost all of the major conflicts that have happened so far could have been evaded if people were cooled off. It so totally could have happened, positively, certainly, maybe.

Before starting to do something, always make sure that you are focused and that you can give your maximum. Always make sure that you achieve your state of tranquil creativity, a state in which you can create something without forcing yourself, a state in which you channel your inner self to become your guide. To some this might seem like simple inspiration or motivation, but it goes way beyond that, those are just the physical manifestations. I know that you think it is hard to find inner peace and inner calm, but only when you are mentally serene will you be able to transfer that serenity into the physical realm. Either that or, if you really need to find a quick way to tranquility, go to a gym and just beat the hell out of a punching bag.

Stay calm, or make calm.

By Dejan Vicai

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