The people are proudly wearing garments of shame.
Amidst the chaos, we all agree that the victim is to blame.
Humans now blindly say that night and day are the same.
Henceforth the world we live in is now burning in flame.
Oh, my Lord, how twisted is the image of the cruel fame.

Human soul is the next target within the corruption’s aim.
A bestial nature spawned from the broken morality frame.
So it twisted men and women in order to insult His name.
And no laws, and no judges of men could calm and tame.
The land was veiled in darkness, and the bleak sorrow came.

The headless people treasure and worship the scarlet dame.
She usurped the throne of men by fabricating a false claim.
The young mark everything ancient and traditional as lame.
It is perfect time for harvest, since everyone plays the game.
The Fisher King reigns, and we are all burdened by the maim.

Chaos Inside

Author: h.koppdelaney (Hartwig HKD)

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