Blackest white lies.

Hey son, are you studying? – Sure I am mom, I am just reviewing one last time before my exam. Boy, how many times have we said that line, right? Right? Aw what, nobody does that anymore? I swear you guys have no life experience. Anyway, white lies are a good way to get out of sticky situations, they are not technically lies, but they are. You won’t hurt anybody feelings with a white lie, but it just might buy you enough time to do something that you forgot. And if not, hey, you can always chain white lies together, right? Not like anyone can find out if you were actually sick, or if you were actually at a different place than you said, oh wait, thanks to social media you can’t just go around telling whatever you feel like, because people can check up on you. Back in the 90s you could just tell your parents you will spend the night with a friend of yours and nobody would know that you actually smuggled nuclear weapons for some random terrorist organization. Nowadays, you can’t go without sneezing and half of the world knowing about it.

He is alive

“Oi boss, look at them smallings, I reckon they’d make fair game if we hunted them!”, said one of the humans while pulling Thaf to stand up. “I bet they’d squeal like pigs too. Hahaha.” Thaf looked around and saw three figures, he could make out two human shapes and perhaps and orc. “What do you want from us?” As soon as Thaf said that, he got a punch right across his mouth, Thaf spat blood. As he turned his head back he saw that the big guy, perhaps the orc, was rounding up the others, tying their hands together. Even though they were ambushed and being tied up, nobody made a single sound, and for that matter, nobody put up any fight. Thaf felt it in his guts that this is it, that and the swift kicks he was getting from time to time. Perhaps it would have been better to go with Odorf. ‘I failed as a chief’, Thaf thought.

Serene tranquility

That last minute before your alarm clock goes off, the precious last bite before you finish your meal, the last cookie in the jar, those feelings of happiness and sadness mixed are some of the most incredible feelings, something close to nirvana. Alright, there are other situations as well but that’s beside the point. We all have our tranquil moments and rituals. Some enjoy a good session of relaxation with a book and a bottle of wine, or perhaps a run in the woods. Others enjoy listening to music, creating something or just doing some yard work. We shouldn’t forget the new generation way of finding your inner peace, playing overly violent, gory, explicit games, and boy does it feel good to carve someone a new face after a long and exhausting day.

The Kingdom of the Sea

The Kingdom of the Sea

  Sailing on the sea, we're friends of Odysseus. We are guided by hand, by the wind of Aeolus. The Sun. The eye. The watchful Helios. Drifting to Scylla and…

I am there

I am there when you fall to rise you, and, of course, always to save you. I am there when there is silence to scream, but also when there is…

Of Monsters and Men

Remember when creatures of the night were frightening? Remember when monsters had one sole purpose, to kill everything non-monster in sight, without any second doubts or any feelings attached? When zombies were ruthless flesh-tearing killers, when werewolves were actually bloodthirsty coldhearted predators and when vampires DID NOT sparkle in the Sun. Seriously, sparkling vampires, I guess they got hung up on the disco era or something. If only Lord Dracula knew what would happen to monster society he probably would have done something about it. And if only Cain knew what abomination the vampires would become, I bet he would have made sure that people would fear vampires and other creatures more.

All Hallow’s Eve

As our beloved harbinger of Halloween sang:” This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night”, it is time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. But, you may ask, what is Halloween? Well girls and boys, gather round and let me tell you a little story about how a not so innocent celebration became what it is today.

You all know that certain religions adopted certain rituals and activities that were not so, well, accepted by the church. Religions need followers, right? So the only logical thing that could have been done was to make these pagan rituals acceptable and not so sinful after all. Seems like a smart idea, and seems like bending rules and regulations is alright with god. It does not, however, change the fact that All Hallow’s Eve was a pretty awesome ritual back in the days, but today, it lost its magic.