Wherever you turn, wherever you look, whatever you listen to, hell even your toilet paper contains sexually explicit material. And then people wonder why everyone is going round looking for magazine and movies containing nudity. We live in a society that has a love-hate relationship with sex, we are sheltered from its evil influence and told that sexual activities before marriage can shatter the very core of the solar system! Such heinous acts are condemned and we shall burn in hell forever even if we just think about kissing someone, let alone kissing someone of the same gender.


Privacy is defined as a noun, a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people. Being alone without anyone knowing what you might be doing in your room. Perhaps you are scheming to build a small nuclear warhead to tease a neighboring country because their news network is badmouthing your elementary school, seems possible, doesn’t it? Oh, you think it’s impossible to build one out of ordinary household items? Well in that case, why in the Nine Hells would anyone check on me whether I am building one? And for your information, I am building a hydrogen bomb out of bottle caps, a squirrel and a broken toilet seat, yeah I went full MacGyver, what are you going to do now non-spying government?

Born into flames

rules2010_0713_1Ziel took the cup, and took a nice long sip, the tea was relaxing, just what she needed the most. Ferwyn said nothing, he knew what was going on, and he knew why she was upset, he wanted her to blow off some steam before she learns of her origin and her powers. After longs moments of silence, Ferwyn finally decided to break the ice. “Ziel, I need to tell you something very important. Something, that will explain why everything happened as it did so far. Please, you must understand, that we did all of this as a precaution, to protect you. Your parents…”, Ziel suddenly lifted her tilted head and her eyes widened with excitement. “You knew my parents? What were they like?”, Ferwyn smiled kindly, “They were kind people. And you have to understand they did everything for you. They would be very proud of you.” Ziel started crying, but these were tears of joy, after so long, she finally learned something of her parents. “Please, tell me, what happened to them! Were they… were they killed?”, the smile on Ferwyn’s face disappeared. The thoughts ‘I knew it! I knew they didn’t just abandon me!’ were rushin through Ziel’s mind, she was relieved and furious at the same time. ‘Who could have done this? And why? What did my parents do?’ Ziel started feeling odd. She had a kind of static feeling on her skin. Her hands suddenly felt really warm, she got scared.


You open your wee little eyes to the rays of morning sunshine dancing vividly on your eyelids and with a great smile you chase the remainder of your dreams away, you stretch while making wild animals noises and you know, no, you feel it is going to be a wonderful day. As you get up and start making your breakfast, the phone rings, an unknown number, well might as well answer it, “Hi, is this Steve?”, you let out a polite ‘no’, hang up and carry on. But wait! The phone rings again, the same thing, same answer. BUT WAIT! It rings again! The same bloody person asking the same bloody question, the same bloody answer! BUT HOLD ON A FRICKING MINUTE, it rings again. Then you ask that person if he is deaf so he can’t see that he keeps dialing the same number over and over and over and over again? What a way to ruin the morning.


You decided, you want to do this, you sit down, you prepare yourself to get down to business, you grab that mouse, start typing and actually doing your work, and after maybe 4 seconds, you just don’t feel like it. Yes. You drop whatever you were doing and stop doing whatever you were up to, because you don’t feel like it. Hold on, I have to go do nothing because I don’t feel like writing anymore. Anyway, as I was trying to point out, Idonfeellikeitis is not to be confused with Procrastinitis, they are two completely different things. When infected by the Idontfeellikeitis you just simply don’t have the will to do anything constructive nor destructive. You just sit there like a plant, performing some kind of photosynthesis, and just existing, but not doing anything.

The search is on

Calendar              The Summer Solstice was just around the corner. It was a clear Kythorn night,not a single cloud, all the stars visible, a truly remarkable sight. At least that’s what Ziel thought. She was in a small tower room with only a window, a door and a bucket for nature’s call. Even though she was visited by the monks of Hieroneous on a daily basis, they did not count as company, she was still feeling lonely. Most of the day she felt lonely, but at nights like this she truly felt miserable. Everyone, free, enjoying themselves, and she is locked in here, caged. She often wondered why it had to turn out like this. She never knew her parents, the monks told that she was left at the gates of the monastery when she was perhaps 2 years old, but the monks were never sure. She was a half-elf. For a woman she was tall, and for a half-elf she was even too tall. Tall but slim, with long fair hair, and with elven ears. She hated them, because of that nobody looked at her like they would at a normal person. Especially the town of Crystallyne, this small town still bares the remnants of the Sylvan wars, even though they took place 200 years ago, some inhabitants still held a grudge. Perhaps that is the reason why Ziel was abandoned.