Family ties

Late at night, a knock was heard at the front door of the Silent Stooge Inn. The innkeeper wobbled to the entrance door. “We don’t accept any more visitors!” He yelled: “Go away! Unless you can pay!”. After a moment of silence, a soft voice was heard from the other side of the door, “We will of course pay for your troubles, sir.” Thinking that it might be a trap, the innkeeper still decided that money is money, and because he needed the gold, he opened the slit on the door. He couldn’t see anything as it was too dark and it was raining.

The innkeeper had no choice and he opened the door, with one hand on the ready to reach for his hidden dagger. The heavy door opened with a creak and revealed two figures standing in front of him, a tall hooded person, around 190 cm the innkeeper guessed, a man or at least that is what he could see from the cloak. He noticed the hilt of a sword under his cloak, however, he made nothing of this as a lot of travelers carry weapons for self-defense. The other character was a short person, probably around 160 cm, once again he could not see anything from the cloak. Judging by the physique, he guessed the shorter figure could be a female. ‘They better be worth the damn gold. I don’t need any trouble. I am too old for that.’

Villainous heroes

Classical story, we have a good guy, a bad guy and a bunch of irrelevant characters who just fill in the lonely time either the hero or the villain appears. And it always ends the same way, the hero defeats the villain and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, ok, where is our happily ever after? Just look at facts, we have defeated many so called villains and nothing good came out of it. Sure, no more pain and suffering, nor killing the innocent or freakish bizarre human experiments. But, and I have to stress this, BUT, what if the villain wins once?

Now, just think about it. Every villain ever, had a plan, a grand master plan to conquer and rule the world, and why do we think that they would enslave people just for the fun of it? Maybe at the beginning, but our villain needs to think about all aspects of ruling the world. Even the most ruthless ones must have an aftermath plan. But did they ever get a chance, no. There was always a perfect counterpart that could stop them, with the power of friendship or magic. We always have one, and only one person who can save the world. And usually that someone is a person who has never seen combat or has never even went outside without getting a light sunburn. So why is someone without any tactical upbringing capable of defeating a villain who schemed for years and planned everything to the last detail. I call shenanigans.

More than meets the lense

Remember a few years back, Big Brother, the TV show that was a huge hit, everyone was watching it? Cameras all around, all day long, watching and recording every step the contestants made. It seemed like fun and it was terrifying at the same moment. We finally had the option to see what someone else is doing without being called a stalker or weird. But, was it all fun and games? Or was it more than met the camera eye?

Of course everyone in the show knew they were being recorded at all times, at first they were all freaked out but after a few weeks they got pretty much comfortable with the idea that an omnipresent eye is observing everything, every thing. After a while, you just get used to it, but do you really? Can you really get used to someone watching every single step you take, every breath your draw, every blink you make?

Making up makeup make up

Everyone likes masks, right? If Halloween is coming up everyone is working hard on their masks, big masks, scary ones and a plethora of different ones. The same applies to makeup as well. You have pretty makeup though, but usually people go so overboard you wonder whether they just fired a shotgun full of makeup at their face. Makes you wonder do they have something to hide, or they just want to be like the others.

Girls started using makeup to make their faces prettier, not to recreate the stuff nightmares are made of. Given, makeup is also used to make scary stuff as well, but that’s mainly for movies and shooting scary photos. I seriously doubt that half of the girls are going to audition for an upcoming horror movie. By the way, mirrors were invented for a reason, besides the obvious duckface  selfie game.

It only starts now

Jacque was standing there watching, not moving. Ziel started sweating and fidgeting nervously, she felt her life ending, there and then. She was captured without even noticing who it was who held her life to a knife. ‘Could it be the masked men again? Probably not, this guy smells of cheap spirit and he is also alone.’ She felt the knife’s blade dancing on her skin, and a faint stream of blood appeared. Ziel wanted to scream, but she knew it would not end well. “Ye better just let me take ‘er and nobod’s gettin ‘urt.” Jacque slowly moved his right arm behind his back, reaching for something, and he almost had it. “What ar’ ye doin’? ‘AND WHERE I CAN SEE ‘EM!” Screamed the thug and held the knife even tighter against Ziel’s neck, she let out a small squeal. “Ya ‘ear? She squeals too. Will fetch me a pretty penny. Hehehe.” In the meantime Jacque moved his hand back by his side and raised them in the air. “Look, just let her go, and nobody will get hurt.”, the thug got mad, “Ar’ ye t’reating me?!” The thug got agitated and made a shallow small cut on Ziel’s neck. “If ye don’ lemme pass the next cut will be ‘er last one. Good, now giv’ me yer ‘orse. Jacque turned round while holding his hands in the air, ‘What is he doing? Is he really going to let me go just like that? I… I thought he was different.’ Ziel’s eyes filled up with tears. As Jacque reached for the bridles he turned with a swift motion throwing a dagger in the thugs direction, unfortunately he missed and the dagger landed short of his feet, he also managed to throw himself out of balance and fell on the ground, on his back. The thug started laughing at Jacque’s poor aim, “Is this ‘ow ye wanted to save ‘er? Har har har! Yer the one needin’ savin’. Har har har!”

What were you expecting?

You are born, you are to behave appropriately but whatever you do is acceptable, cute and forgivable. You say your first word, ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ are the first words your parents expect you to say, but even if you say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ you are the cutest little thing ever. You start school and you are expected to have good grades, to build up a normal social background, to adhere to the rules. Still it is ok if you mess up a few times, we forgive but never forget. Remember that time in elementary school you accidentally spilled water onto your pants and everyone thought you peed yourself? But once again, even things like that are expected to happen so it is still not a biggie, right?

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