Swiggity swooty, look at that booty! That right there is as classy as it can get people. That is the epitome of twenty-first century courteousness and chivalry. This is what the ladies want, none of that flowers before a date, or dressing appropriately, nope. Good old fashion low-hanging pants will show the tender gender how accomplished and successful you are. Congratulations swaggers, you guys managed to hit a new rock bottom.
Keep your own world

Keep your own world

Take a wine and fragile glass, drown it all now. Memory, therapy, and the last vow. Take off clothes, remove the load, take a deep breath. Preserve your thoughts, all your nerves, don’t walk to death.

Hey lady!

Being a lady is not easy, but at the same time it is not hard either. You just have to follow a few simple etiquette rules, no big deal there. Well, it seems like the instructions are not clear enough. Or girls forgot how to read. Seems that today, to be a classy lady you must know how to twerk, to hashtag your food and to treat men like garbage. Oh yeah, do not forget about looking down on people, that is very important to be a respectful member of society. And for the lovely “ladies” reading this right now, sarcasm intended.

Since when do we like girls that behave like Neanderthals? Of course you do not have to behave like a peach every time, but seriously, where is the line drawn? If I wanted to hang out with someone who is obnoxious, I could have just called me guy friends. Ladies should be sophisticated and intricate, not loud, obnoxious ten-year olds.

A question of perspective

He spent the whole evening in preparing his weapon for the worst. As morning drew nearer, he thought more about the danger he will be in soon. Not even for a second did the innkeeper think that nobody will notice the Crimson Siblings have taken shelter in his inn. ‘Gods have mercy on me, why did it have to be my inn. Meredith, give me strength. I need you more than ever, woman.’ the innkeeper thought while looking at his late wife’s picture. The first rays of the morning Sun were slowly crawling in through the window. With a deep sigh, the innkeeper got up wobbled over to the kitchen for morning preparations. Whatever happens, he still has a business to run.

Not long after he went to the kitchen, the Siblings came to the hall from their room. “Take a seat, breakfast will be ready in a moment.” the innkeeper yelled from the kitchen. “It is quite alright, sir. I believe we have exceeded our welcome here already as it is.” answered the girl. They already packed all their belongings and they were ready to leave in a moment’s notice. “Nonsense!” yelled the innkeeper, “I won’t let you leave without proper breakfast. I don’t want to hear anyone talk how old Willie swindled customers. You paid for a bed, dinner and breakfast, and by the Gods you will have breakfast.” The girl tried to reply, but her brother just pulled her to sit down. She looked at him confused, but he just shook his head.


Sunday morning cartoons were something every little kid looked forward. It was well worth waking up at six in the morning, loading up on snacks, and just laughing away the morning. Even the silliest cartoons were awesome. Even now cartoons are something most of us look forward. No matter how old you are cartoons are here to make the kid in you laugh.

It might be considered “immature” to watch animated figures, but you know what, I am still having fun and I still refuse to grow up. So there. This will apply to a lot of people, but why should someone let go of their childhood? Is it socially awkward to watch something that makes you laugh? Are we not mature enough if we enjoy a little bit of fun now and then? Probably the old farts who run everything do not want people to have fun. If that is the case, grab the remote and change the channel to some good cartoons. Please, nothing of the new ones, the old ones are far better.