Helping others is in no way a sin, and it only means that you are a kind and goodhearted person, but I am inclined to ask: what is wrong with you? Have you not been taught that you will lose face in society if you help someone who deserves it? But by all means go right ahead. Society hates a helping hand more than it dislikes people in dire need. However, if you are only trying to help others so that you might seem like a saint, then, it is high time that you stop, take a deep breath and open your eyes to what is really going around you. No one is really ready to help a soul out, but they expect that everyone should jump if danger knocks on the door. Do not be that person, be the 1% and no matter what, stick to your beliefs.

In these man-made economically tough times we are taught to believe that helping without remuneration is simply inconceivable and a blatant attack on our interests. How dare they not pay for your valuable time? Volunteering is an act of treason and you all should be burnt at a stake for it, it is witchcraft! Long gone are the days when you could just offer to help someone, even to cross the street, without having your motives questioned. Nowadays, try blinking out of place and your whole existence will be put to the test.

No wonder people are afraid to go the extra mile and help neighbors in need; they are scared of being judged for doing a good deed. Because we all know that only people who are in cults or who serve dark lords can perform selfless acts. Moreover, most of people expect some kind of immediate return when they finally do help you out. But then, doing a good deed and expecting a small token of appreciation beats the whole purpose. If you truly wish to volunteer for something, if you truly wish to change something, then do it because you want to do it; do it not because you can gain a favor in return, do it because of the selfless act of kindness is rewards in itself.

Being a volunteer, being the voice of change, being selfless person, a person who is ready to help without any gain is not hard, yet it is still a rarer site than seeing unicorns frolic in the fields. Unless we are ready to embrace the fact that not everyone is a scrooge and that there is more to life than having money, we will learn that the secret of being a helpful member of society is as simple as that: helping. Being a volunteer is more than just an involuntary impulse.

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